GEC Minutes

Monday, October 16, 2006


325 Graff Main Hall


Members Present:  Kraemer, Miller, Prucha, Riley, Ritterling, Udermann, Strand, Bakke

Consultants Present:  Burkhardt, Morgan, Schumacher

Guests Present: Sullivan, Pandit, Crutchfield, Beck, Barillas, Cashion, Hollenback, Lee, Cravins. Greenwald, Miskowski,


I.                    M/S/P (unanimously) to approve the minutes of October 2


II.                 First Reads: Writing Emphasis Instructor Approval: Kirsch.  The committee examined the submitted materials.  Members had questions about how to implement the new procedure.  There will be a second read at the next committee meeting.


III.               Subcommittee Reports:

A.     Prucha presented a report on the work of the Global Perspective Subcommittee. Many departments sent representatives to the first meeting of the subcommittee.  The subcommittee is working on developing criteria for the Global Perspective category of UCII.

B.     Ragan present a report on the work of the Civic Engagement Subcommittee.  Ragan discussed the Service Learning requirement of UW-Eau Claire.


IV.              University Core II

A.     Sciences

Jennifer Miskowski presented motions from the S&H College Committee.  This committee unanimously that UCII include a second science course in addition to the current one lab science course.  Reasons given were [1] keeping up with peer institutions, [2] attracting more science and health majors, and [3] developing scientific literacy. 


It was moved, but died for lack of a second, to remove the Logic and Language category from UCII and place the math courses in a second science requirement.

Members and guests presented additional reasons and some concerns about instituting such a requirement.  Discussion of the nature and availability of a second, non-lab science ensued. 


B.     Humanities

Richard Sullivan urged that the committee consider adopting a literature requirement in the Humanities section in UCII.  Crutchfield, Pandit, Barillas, and Cashion all spoke in favor of such a requirement.


It was moved and seconded to require a literature course in UCII.  There were additional reasons proposed in favor of adopting this proposal and some concerns were voiced. 

It was then suggested that it would be better for GEC to consider this proposal after a subcommittee of the GEC had put together a proposal to provide some coherence to the current UCII in the wake of recent changes and suggestions.  The motion was withdrawn, but a straw poll was taken and by a vote of 7-1 the committee favored adopting a literature requirement.


C. UCII Subcommittee

The committee then agreed to form a subcommittee that is charged to address concerns about the size and coherence of UCII, and to make recommendations to GEC on how to restructure UCII so as to accommodate the recent changes and suggestions.  Riley, Udermann, Ragan and Kraemer agreed to serve.  The subcommittee will meet next week.


V.                 M/S/P to adjourn (5:20 p.m.).  Next meeting will be Oct. 30 at 3:30 in 325 Main Hall.