GEC Minutes

Monday, October 30, 2006


325 Graff Main Hall


Members Present:  Fields, Johnson, McDougal, Miller, Prucha, Ragan, Riley, Ritterling, Udermann, Bakke


Consultants Present:  Bakkum, Schumacher, Dittman, Burkhardt


Guests Present: C. Wilsom, K. McLean, J. Hollenback, D. Sullivan, C. Lee, G. Cravins


I.                    M/S/P to approve the minutes of Ocotber16, with corrections


II.                 Announcements:

A.     Assoc. for General and Liberal Studies Conference – AGLS Guide to Assessment and Program Review (handed out at Gen Ed Retreat) was the focus of several sessions at this conference. Emily Johnson asked GEC members to review this document. Informed GEC of other issues from the conference.

III.               Second Reads

A.     M/S/P.  WE for Janet Kirsch – Chemistry. A note from Terry Beck indicated that Janet had significantly revised the proposal from her first draft and he, therefore, endorsed it.  

B.     Clarification of current WE approval process. Now done by GEC instead of T. Beck in English. Guidelines similar to those used by WIMP. Emily Johnson explained criteria/process to GEC. Applicants for WE instruction must attend WE workshop (still done by T. Beck). Johnson will send written process to GEC members.

C.     WE Approval Subcommittee decision delayed.


IV.              University Core Proposal

A.     Global Perspectives

Kramer, Prucha, Benson – subcommittee report

1.      Solicited feedback and visitors from across campus to ensure wide range of impact.

2.      Recommended not changing SLO – instead developed criteria descriptions for SLO generally applicable to Global Perspective.

3.      Defined “global”

4.      Will meet again Mon, November 6. Subcommittee is considering a Global/International infusion requirement rather than 3 credits global perspective requirement in Core II.  The infusion model would include 3credits of  HIS101 or 102, 6-9 credits of any Gen Ed courses in other categories meeting G.P. criteria.  Three credits could come from course that focused on an in-depth study of any 1 region other than U.S.

5.      Subcommittee asked GEC members to send feedback

6.      Prucha will forward subcommittee minutes to GEC

7.      Discussion ensued. Subcommittee will return with final recommendation.

B.     Civic Engagement subcommittee (C.E)

Raga, Johnson, Miller, Bakke

1.      Distinguished between civic engagement and service learning

2.      Discussed potential to count INS abroad experience as part of this but need more work.

3.      Discussed ethics and ethical decision-making as a possible part of C.E.

4.      Volunteered sub committee to serve as UCIII subcommittee if more people were added. By consensus approved.

5.      GEC chair will be asked to add members to UCIII subcommittee. McDougal volunteered to serve on this or on FYE subcommittee

C.     Core II Subcommittee

Ragan, Riley, Kraemer, Udermann, Johnson

1.      Meet to plan way to proceed with UCII given revisions GEC has already approved and changes under consideration.

2.      Charge was to address size and coherence of UCII – wants to expand charge to look at all of GEC proposal to ensure a coherent GEC program. Agreed.

3.      Reminder from Johnson to consider how the program addresses SLO. Also encouraged subcommittee to invite others across campus to participate.

D.     Core Discussion and Considerations

1.      Any additional comments for subcommittees to consider? GEC will not be ready to present to Faculty Senate November 30.

2.      Need to establish timeline to finish work this academic year. (for discussion at next GEC meeting)

3.      Need to consider flexibility for students in meeting GEC requirements - What will be “double counted”? What is the minimum number of Gen Ed credits that will be required? What about transferability of GEC credits to and from other institutions? Concern expressed about the number of credits required in the program related to requirements in majors, and  the compartmentalization of courses/Gen Ed categories


V.                 Items for further discussion

A.     Subcommittee

1.      FYE – Steve McDougal, Prucha, Johnson

·        What makes a course a FYE course? What is meant by this? How is it satisfied? Can it be done? How will courses/experiences be identified?

·        Consider adding Paula Knutson or other representative from student affairs

2.      UC III interdisciplinary, capstone and other core III options.  Core III subcommittee will do this (Ragan, Riley, Kraemer, Udermann, and Johnson)   Additional members from outside of GEC should be added.


VI.              M/S/P to adjourn (5.00 p.m.).  Next meeting will be November 6 at 3:30 in 325 Main Hall.


Respectfully submitted,
  Chris Bakkum and

    Lauren Cikara