GEC Minutes

Monday, December 4, 2006


325 Graff Main Hall


Members Present: Fields, Johnson, McDougal, Miller, Ragan, Udermann, Bakke

Members Excused: Kraemer, Riley


Consultants Present: Burkhardt, Bakkum, Dittman, Morgan


Guests Present: D. Sullivan, C. Lee, R. Benson, K. McLean, J. Hollenback, J. Davies, G. Cravins, C. Wilson,


I.                    Director announced that she had been asked by Bob Ragan to Chair the meeting.  Bob had been asked by Eric Kraemer to Chair since Eric could not be there. Bob indicated to the Director that it seemed more time efficient to have her chair since she was more familiar with the agenda.


II.                 M/S/P to approve the minutes of November 20, 2006


III.               Announcements

A.     Director’s report – Director will, at the request of Provost, further investigate AAC&U’s new initiative on civic responsibility.

B.     Director announced the Essay Scholarship competition sponsored by the System Advisory Group on the Liberal Arts and Sciences.  As she is a member of this group, she is coordinating the creation of UW-L’s campus review committee to read and forward the three best essays to System.


IV.              No Student appeal


V.                 University Core Proposal

A.     Presentation of SOE and SAH

1.      Jon Davies discussed concerns of SOE (see SOE document)

2.      Karen Palmer McLean discussed view of SAH chairs (see November 1 and November 20 documents from SAH)

M/S/P to reconsider consensus from April 3 that added requirements of 9 credit overlap maximum

M/S/F to postpone discussion until next meeting

M/S/F that no more than 9 credits of courses in major prefix could count towards major and core

9 credit limitations has now been removed from core

                   B.  Reports and recommendations from subcommittees

1.   Presentation by Tier III Making Connections groups (see recommendations handout from this sub committee)

2.   Presentation of current work by FYE committee (see informational handout from this sub committee). This group expects to continue working on this.

3.   Presentation of structure subcommittee (see informational handout from this subcommittee)

4.   No additional comments from Global Perspectives subcommittee beyond request fro Tier III subcommittee to please look at SLO from Global Perspectives as descriptor for civic engagement

      No discussion on C or D of agenda due to time


VI.              New Business

A.     Dates for 1st and 2nd reads on course proposals/revisions/wimps for spring. This will be on January retreat agenda

B.     Start-up week retreat – Director will arrange in conjunction with Committee Chair.


VII.            No Other Business


VIII.         Next meeting will be January retreat. Date to be determined

First regularly schedule GEC meeting of spring semester will be Monday January 29, 2007


IX.              M/S/P to adjourn meeting at 5:45pm