Monday, April 30, 2007


325 Graff Main Hall


Members Present:  Fields, Johnson, Kraemer, McDougal, Miller, Prucha, Ragan, Riley, Ritterling, Udermann, Bakke


Consultants Present:  Dittman, Morgan, Burkhardt, Richter, Bakkum, Krajewski


Guests Present:  D. Sullivan, C. Lee, J. Hollenbeck, C. Wilson


I.                    M - Prucha/S – Fields /P – unanimously to approve the minutes of April 16, 2007.


II.                 Student petition

A.     Shared information that supported supporting letter from the student

B.     Motion to approve previous course and experience abroad – Udermann/S – Bakke/ P (Y-5/N-2/A-1)


III.               Writing Emphasis Instructor Certification Proposal

A.     Susan Crutchfiled – Film and Literature course

1.      Motion to approve – Miller/ S – Ragan/ P – unanimously

B.     Mark Malisa

1.      Concern abut what course content is and how writing to learn component is affected

2.      Does not have clear formal writing feedback to students

3.      Motion to approve – Udermann/S – Mc Dougal/P - unanimously


IV.              Reports:

A.     Director

1.      Attended HLC conference and participated in assessment presentation and sessions. These sessions just highlighted the need for assessment.

2.      Monitoring report needs to be written but is not sure who will write that

3.      Recommendation to create ad hoc task force to review General Education program using AGLS guide. This may assist GEC refocus.

4.      The committee needs to provide Faculty Senate with a report however time is upon us with a few more weeks left this semester.


B.     Chair – No report


C.     Student – No report


V.                 Revised Core I Recommendation

A.     Is GEC ready to vote on Core I?

1.      Concern about the motion passed last meeting and the impact on FYE.  Literature and research supports having FYE experience course be in the first semester not over the first two semesters. FYE is a collaborative effort with Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.

2.      C. Prucha shared information from R. Knox in regard to CST 110. All CST 110 courses will be designated as FYE courses. CST has applied for a grant to assist in the curriculum change.

3.      According to past GEC plan, FYE was designated as 1-3 credits in the first 30 credits. Concern was raised about when a student would take the FYE course and about the course content trying to include a lot as it would be the only true FYE course.

4.      Would Gen Ed be flexible for students and their scheduling needs?

5.      Motion proposed that the GEC strongly supports and department in offering sections as FYE course as early as fall 2007. Assessment and reports for each course would be presented to GEC for future recommendations – Ragan/ S- Prucha/ P (Y-9/N-0/A-2).

B.     Overview of Core I

1.      Concern about students taking Math in Core I and the flexibility of taking a course if math is failed.

2.      Core I:

1.      Eng 110

2.      FYE

3.      CST 110

4.      Health

5.      Math

6.      Diversity

3.      GEC did pass Core I in spring 2007.

4.      Motion to reaffirm Core I – Fields/ S- Prucha/ P (Y-10/N-1/A-0)


VI.              Summer Budget

A.     Presentation by the Director     

1.      Shared document about the Fund for Innovation in General Education:

1.      $1200 for each proposal supporting FYE type projects, course revisions, etc.

2.      Assessment activities should be the top priority for funding

3.      Item (e) Development of Learning Communities should be deleted from the document.

4.      Move item (d) Course development or redesign as interdisciplinary course to item (b).

2.      Proposals for funding will be due June 4, 2007. The subcommittee – Prucha, Riley, and Johnson will review the proposals.

B.     Goals for next academic year

1.      If you have suggestions for summer goals and academic year goals, let E. Johnson know


2.      UW-L 100: Have a section for students who are undeclared.

3.      FYE could be a coordinated experience including orientation, programs and courses.

4.      Concern about flexibility and transfer students. A suggestion was made not to establish a credit requirement to this.

5.      Concern about health professions students

6.      Concern that an email was sent to all department chairs addressing one course instead of the two the sub-subcommittee presented.

7.      Sub-subcommittee was encouraged to meet this week and give an updated report to the GEC at the next meeting.


VII.            Thank you to all members of GEC for their time this year!


VIII.         M/S/P to adjourn the meeting at 5:30 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Lauren Cikara