GEC Minutes

Monday, September 11, 2006


325 Graff Main Hall

Members Present:  Fields, Johnson, Kraemer, McDougal, Miller, Prucha, Ragan, Riley, Ritterling, Udermann, Strand


Consultants Present:  Bakkum, Burkhardt, Morgan, Schumacher, Stanek


Guests Present:  Hoskins, Macias-Gonzalez, Sullivan, Lee, Wilson


I.                    New consultants were introduced.  Carla Burkhardt will represent the College of Science and Health and Karla Stanek will represent Academic Advising.

II.                 M/S/P (unanimously) to approve the minutes of May 1 and August 30, 2006

III.               Bakkum agreed to record minutes for fall semester.

IV.              New Business

A.     M/S/P (unanimously) to review WIMP, writing emphasis and course revision proposals on Oct. 16 with a second read on Oct. 30.

B.     The decision on whether or not to place a moratorium on new Gen Ed courses was put on hold pending additional discussion on the University Core proposal.  A motion was made to not place a moratorium on new Gen Ed courses.  The motion was not seconded.

V.                 Old Business

A.     A draft of possible GEC Chair responsibilities was distributed by the GEC Director.  No action was taken on this pending approval by Faculty Senate for Gen Ed to revise its by-laws.

B.     University Core Proposal was discussed

1.      UCI (Introductory Core) appears to be acceptable to GEC

2.      UC II (Gaining Perspectives) discussion on how to address Global Perspectives.  M/S to add a Global Perspectives category to UC II.  M/S/P (9/0/1) to postpone motion to add Global Perspective category to UC II.  Proposal from Dr. Jess Hollenbach was distributed and a member of the GEC asked for the proposal to be place on the next GEC agenda.  M/S/F (3/7/0) to require 6 different disciplines (as defined by course prefix) in UC II.

3.      UCIII (Making Connections) discussion revolved around what should be included in UC III.  In point #1 under UC III, discussion revolved around needing criteria and a definition of “civic engagement or “civic responsibility”.  More info on this will be sent by the GEC Director to GEC members. M/S for a change in the language of UC III #1 to read “One course with civic responsibility as a central theme or a course with a civic engagement component or an international experience required”.  M/S/P to postpone this motion until the next GEC meeting.

C.     Timelines

1.      It was agreed that GEC would send a notice to the campus community regarding the GEC University Core proposal and would post a copy of the proposal on the GEC website.  This will be done in the beginning of November.

2.      It was agreed that the GEC would consider feedback from the campus community before sending the final proposal to the Faculty Senate.  The GEC will ask the Faculty Senate to consider the proposal at the Nov. 30 meeting of the Senate.

3.      Implementation Plans and Strategies---short discussion on grandfathering in all current Gen Ed courses to the new University Core (as long as the courses are taught on a regular basis).  Questions about whether GEC would decide which categories the grandfathered courses are placed in or whether the departments would do that.  If the University Core proposal passes the Senate and is scheduled to be implemented in Fall 2007, more examination needs to be done on resource issues to support the program.

D.     Innovations Fund discussion was postponed

E.      Next Meeting will be Sept. 18.  Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

  Chris Bakkum