Friday, September 8, 2006-10:00 a.m.

325 Graff Main Hall


Members Present:       Vijendra Agarwal, Gary Gilmore, Jonathon Majak, Yang Il Park, Kasi Periyasamy, S.N. Rajagopal, William Schwan, Teri Staloch


Members Excused:      Peggy Denton, Steve Simpson


Consultants Present:    Chris Bakkum, Diane Schumacher, Rob Tyser


Consultants Excused: 


Consultants Absent:     Bruce May


Others Present:             Lauren Cikara, Michele Thorman, David Waters


1.  The meeting was called to order at 10:03 am. by Vijendra Agarwal. 


2.  Time extension appeal by Science and Health/ESS - Sport Administration program student      (Lora Staveness).


  • David Waters, Director of ESS – Sports Administration program, gave an overview of the appeal.  The student is requesting to capture 6 credits of core coursework that were taken while she was a non degree student and outside of the 7 year timeframe.  The student has successfully completed all required work including an internship and has passed the written comprehensive exam.  During a degree check, it was discovered that the student had actually completed the requirements 2 years ago and had just not applied for graduation.  The Council asked questions and clarifications from the graduate program director.  A motion was made by S. N. Rajagopol to allow the student an extension through Summer 2006.  It was seconded by Gary Gilmore.  A friendly amendment was offered by William Schwann to have the extension last through Fall 2006.  S. N. Rajagopol and Gary Gilmore accepted the amendment.  The Council voted to approve the appeal for the extension. (8 yes, 0 no, 0 abstention).


Motion carried


3.   A motion was made by William Schwan to approve the minute for the August 28, 2006       meeting.  It was seconded by Kasi Periyasamy.  (8 yes, 0 no, 0 abstention).


Motion carried


4.  Vijendra Agarwal, Director of Graduate Studies, introduced Lauren Cikara to the Graduate Council.  Lauren will be working as a graduate assistant in the Graduate Studies office focusing on recruitment.


5.  Election of chair, co-chair, and secretary.


  • A motion was made by Gary Gilmore to name Vijendra Agarwal as chair.  It was seconded by Rob Tyser.
  • A motion was made by Gary Gilmore to name William Schwann as co-chair.  It was seconded by S. N. Rajagopol.
  • A motion was made by Kasi Periyasamy to name Chandra Hawkins as secretary.  It was seconded by Chris Bakkum.


All 3 motions carried.


6.  Vijendra Agarwal advised the Council of a new scholarship for Aquatic Science students.  The scholarship was given by Becky Lasee in memoriam of her husband, Dan Sutherland.  The scholarship committee will be chaired by Roger Haro this year.  A motion was made by Rob Tyser to send a letter of thanks.  It was seconded by Teri Staloch.  Through discussion, members indicated that the letter should reflected Dr. Sutherland’s contribution to the Council and to the biology program.  S. N. Rajagopol suggested Rob Tyser and Vijendra Agarwal work together on the letter. (8 yes, 0 no, 0 abstention).


Motion carried.


7.  Vijendra Agarwal advised the Council regarding a conversation he had had with Kenna Christians of UW-L Foundation. 

  • The Graduate Thesis Awards will now be part of the annual reception, which will be held on May 11th for this academic year.  Currently one of the two annual awards comes with a $1000 cash award.  Kenna Christians is seeking a donor to match that amount for the second award.
  • The Alumni magazine may have an article featuring the graduate programs in its December issue.
  • Vijendra Agarwal advised he is likely to be invited to speak to the UW-L Alumni Board in an effort to raise the profile of the graduate programs.  He intends to invited one other member to join him when a time is set up for the meeting. 


8.  Faculty Senate Charge to the Graduate Council.  The Council discussed the special charges it received from the Faculty Senate in relation to recruitment.  A number of issues and questions were raised.  Vijendra Agarwal advised the Council that Lauren Cikara would be working on the issues to create the backbone of the report sent to the Faculty Senate.  A list of those issues/questions is as follows:.

  • Growth and Access-need a new focus on graduate level
  • Make use of Noel Lewitz report
  • How are we recruiting graduate students?  Admissions doesn’t actively recruit for graduate programs.
  • Incentives for program recruitment (waivers, assistantships, scholarships)
  • How successful are we at recruiting?  Look at the number of those that apply, are admitted, and enroll.
  • Does the Foundation have additional scholarships that are available for graduate students?
  • Growth and Access tuition increase:  how will this impact graduate tuition?  Will incentive keep up with/offset the increase?  How will it affect programs offered jointly with other institutions, such as the DPT program offered with UW-Milwaukee.?
  • Increased research dollars and other support for graduate students.  Concerns about how much capacity to support students we have with existing research and travel grants.
  • Residential vs. distance education.  What is the impact on distance education/outreach in communities?
  • Midwest Student Exchange Program.  Can we build a program targeting students in these states?
  • Publication highlighting incentives for the graduate students in all graduate programs
  • Graduate fairs.  Are they yielding results?  Are the names that are brought back resulting in students coming to UW-L?
  • Possibly survey program directors to see what issues their students are facing.
  • Have a presence at our on campus graduate school fair which will be held next month.  Invite all graduate programs to participate.


Meeting adjourned:  11:03 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Chandra Hawkins


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