UW-L Faculty Senate Library Committee


May 07, 2007


Present: Barillas (English), Beck (Library), Buffton (History), Evans (Library Director, consultant), Lan (English), Sallmen (Physics), Salm (graduate student)

Yu (The Chair, Exercise and Sports Science).


1.          Meeting was called to order at 3:50 p.m. in Rm. 120, Murphy Library

2.          Minutes of the April 2, 2007 meeting were approved with minor corrections.

3.          Ordering process with new vendor

n              Guest librarian John Jax addressed changes for the ordering process with new vendor for books, Blackwell.

n              The committee discussed and suggested various methods to communicate with faculty members and library liaisons for the new ordering process.

4.          Differential tuition funds for library use

n              The Chair and the subcommittee (to pursue differential tuition funds) reported on their meeting on May 4th with the Chair of Academic Initiatives Oversight committee (Jacob Rome) and the feedback from the Academic Initiatives Oversight committee for the proposal of differential tuition funds for library use to the Faculty Senate Library Committee. At this meeting, information was shared that the University of Wisconsin-River Falls was successful in getting a differential funding for their library use.

5.          Annual Report

n              The committee discussed primary accomplishments and summary of Library Committee’s activities during the 2006-2007 academic year for annual report.

n              Suggestions were also addressed for Library Committee’s goals next year.

6.          Director’s Report

n              Latest budget issues and concerns.

n              Discussion of pursuing technology fees for additional laptops in Murphy Library.

n              Results of book sales -- a success!

n              Operation and extensive hours for Murphy’s Mug.

n              Possible implementation for space in the summer.


7.          Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully submitted by Chia-Chen Yu