December 12, 2006


Members Present: Angell, Kahl, McDougal, Rolfhus, Socha, Wood, Wycoff-Horn, Zheng

Members Absent:          Baggett (exc.), Kastantin (exc.)           

Consultants Present: Bakkum, Dittman, Johnson, Schumacher                             

Guests: Berlin, Cherne, Grunwald,Hupy, Knox, Kraemer, S. Krajewski, Monte, Reithel, Sciborski, Sherony, Stroud, Terpstra, Vandenburg-Daves, Von Ruden, Walls, Weaver                                    


  1. Don Socha chaired the meeting in Baggett’s absence.
  2. M/S/P to approve minutes of November 28th, 2006.
  3. Second Readings:

THA Proposal: THA 120, Acting for Non-majors, 3 Credits. New Course.

This course will emphasize the development of the actor’s instrument by introducing the       student to the basic imaginative, physical, and vocal skills necessary for acting. It will prepare them to create, discuss, rehearse, and perform. The student will apply these techniques in an interactive studio setting. Offered occasionally.

THA 230, Foundations of Theatrical Art, change title and description.

THA 422, Acting IV: Audition Techniques, 3 Credits. New Course.

This is an upper level acting course that will work specifically on the art and technique of auditioning. This course will further develop and expand the range and skills of the performance student by exploring the audition process. Students will learn basic stage and camera audition techniques, develop an extensive repertoire of audition monologues, and research career opportunities. It will prepare the students for a variety of audition styles and situations. Prerequisite: THA 220, 320, 321.  Offered Semester I only.

THA 422 will be elective in General and Performance emphases. M/S/P to approve the proposal.


POL Proposal: POL 361, Research Methods in Politics and Government, 3 Credits. Change

                                         prerequisite from POL 101 or 102, MTH 145, 15 credits of POL and jr. standing to POL

                                         101 and 6 additional credits in POL.

Chair discussed prereq change with MTH chair; will still advise students to take MTH 145. M/S/P to approve the above changes.(1 abst)


ART Proposal: (Rec’d TEGC endorsement) Broadfield Art Major – 54 credits, including ART 104, 106,

205, 214, 216, 218, 221, 251, and 252, and one course from ART 299, 331, 332, 341, 499; and 18 credits in electives in art including APH 202 (C-I 312 and C-I 313 are required in addition to the major. Take C-I 313 first.)

Art research courses in CLS college core for BS – Art History courses from ART 251 and 252, and one elective from ART 331, 332, 341. In addition, one course from ART 303, 400, 405, 408, 413, 414, 418, 419, 421 will be completed. (Rec’d CLS Core committee approval)

Delete: ART 440, 434, and 215.

ART 207, Introduction to Computer Graphic Design, 3 Credits. New Course.

This course provides an introduction to and a survey of computer graphic design. Students develop an understanding of the basic design principles, typography, design problems and solutions, and composition. Graphic design software will be explored. Prerequisite: ART 104. Lect. 1, Lab 4

ART 308, 408  Change titles, description, and prerequisites as recorded in 11/28/06 minutes.

ART 314, 414 , Change titles, course descriptions, and prerequisites as recorded in 11/28/06 minutes.

M/S/P to approve the proposal.


                        SPA Proposal: (Rec’d TEGC endorsement)

                                                               Spanish Major (teacher certification) Add requirement as listed in 11/28/06 minutes.

                                                               Spanish Minor (teacher certification) Add Requirement as listed in 11/28/06 minutes.

                                                               SPA 330, number changed from 430. (same course as former 330)

M/S/P to approve the proposal.


CHM Proposal: Biochemistry Major, change credits, required courses, and electives.

41 credits, including CHM 103, 104, 301, 303, 304, 305, 417, 418, 471, 407 or 309; BIO 435, 436 and five credits of electives from CHM 310, 431, 441, 499, MIC 406, 407, 420,  BIO 408, 424, 432, 443, 465, 466, 468, 440. Only two credits from CHM 499 may count toward the major.


The additional course is a one-credit capstone/assessment course. Although the program is not accredited, the Society of Biochemistry recommends the courses that are included in the major. The department believes reducing electives to four credits in order to stay within UCC policy of maximum 40 credit major would negatively impact the major. There was discussion about setting a precedent for other majors growing beyond 40 credits by approving this change.


M/S/P  (5/3/0) to approve the proposal.


  1. First Readings:


Proposal #1: Communication Studies

            Change titles of major/emphases and minors.

            Advocacy and Cultural Criticism (from Persuasion and Public Communication)

            Broadcast and Digital Communication (from Telecommunication)

                  Organizational and Professional Communication (from Public Relations and Organizational


(no change to Interpersonal Communication title)

Change major and minor required courses and electives.

Each emphasis remains at 39 cr.—12 credits from CST core (no change); 12 credits from emphasis area core (9 cr + elective); 9 credits (3 cr from each of the other emphases); 6 credits from any course in dept. 


Minors—24 cr—CST 190; 12 credits from emphasis area core (9 cr + elective); 9 credits (3 cr from each of the other emphases)


Change CLS college core research class from CST 300 to 302.

New Courses:

CST 215, Influence, Advocacy, and Social Responsibility, 3 Credits. New Course.

Explores how we use communication to influence one another: advocacy is persuasive communication and persuasive communication is an essential agent of change in human culture, especially in democratic and capitalistic societies. Introduces methods used to investigate persuasive communication, establishes basic elements of persuasive messages and basic principles of ethical persuasive messages. Investigates the responsibilities of participants in persuasive communication, both senders and receivers, and the important role of communication criticism in describing, explaining, and evaluating persuasive messages. Offered Semester I only.

CST 317, Communication and Cultural Criticism, 3 Credits. New Course.

Committee requested that description be rewritten

CST 338, Sex, Love & Romance in the Mass Media, 3 Credits. New Course.

Committee requested that description be rewritten

CST 413, Advocacy and Persuasive Campaigns, 3 Credits. New Course.

Contemporary theory and research in persuasion with a special focus on campaigns. Students will apply course material while organizing and implementing a persuasive campaign. Prereq: CST 190 and junior standing.

CST 417, Communication and Race, 3 Credits. New Course.

Committee requested that description be rewritten

CST 419, Mass Media, Identity, and Communication, 3 Credits. New Course.

Committee requested that description be rewritten

Change prerequisites:

CST 350—CST 190, 374—none, 471—none,

DELETE:  CST 232 Listening

Number changes:

CST 271,(was 170); CST 365 (was CST 250)

New Titles:

CST 230 Interpersonal Communication (also changed description)

CST 271 Media Literacy

CST 315 Communication Criticism

CST 334 Gender Communication

CST 365 Communication in Teams

CST 370 Broadcast Media Writing

CST 375 Broadcast Media Newswriting

CST 410 Advocacy and Argumentation

CST 412  Advocacy and Persuasion

CST 415) Advanced Topics in Advocacy and Cultural Criticism (also changed description)

CST 471 Broadcast and Digital Media Management

CST 480 Broadcast Media and Modern Society


The department is eliminating the public relations emphasis because it does not have sufficient faculty expertise to offer a strong program.  The committee requested the following: 1) descriptions for  new course be revised as noted above for simplicity and terminology; 2) specify context or  ethical persuasion CST 215; 3)enhance justification for CST 413; 4) talk with Gen Ed director to determine extent of change to writing in the major curriculum.  


This is a first reading. There will be a second reading.


Proposal #2: Economics

Change descriptions (updated)

ECO 110, 120, 305, 307, 310, 312, 320, 471,

Change prerequisites

ECO 307 ENG 110, C-S 101, or 103 and 104; MTH 145

ECO 310  ECO 110, MTH 145

ECO 320 ECO 110.

M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve.


                        Proposal #3: Modern Languages

German Studies Majors and minor: Reduce credits in major from 36 to 33; change  required courses, electives; change Education program requirements (TEGC endorses).

Minor: 18 credits above GER 202 including one course in lit, one course in civil. Two 3-credit courses in German language skill development and six credits of electives in German.

Major: 33 credits—completion of the German Studies minor; 9 additional credits at the 300/400 level and six credits from approved courses in art, business, history, let, politics, music, religion, sociology and other disciplines in which a significant portion of the course relates to one or more countries in the German –speaking world. These courses may be taught in English or German. GER 399 and MLG 299 strongly recommended; other recommended courses: GEO 304, HIS 314, 323, 346, 348, 352; POL 338, 355; ENG 356, 401. Students must complete an approved work or study experience in a German-speaking country.

GER 400, change description and prerequisite (GER 300 or 301).

GER 399, German Literature in Translation, 3 Credits. New Course.

A course designed to introduce students to great works of German literature. The course will center on representative writings by leading authors of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries whose works illustrate important aspects of German history and culture. In general these will be longer works of fiction and/or multiple works by such writers as Kafka, Goethe, Kleist, Mann, Boll, Grass, Wolf, etc. Works and authors will vary. Offered Semester 2.

M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve.


                                    French Majors and minor, Change required courses and electives (TEGC endorses).

30 credits above FRE 202 including FRE 303, 304, 305, 320, 331, 430; six credits from the following: FRE 220 or 325, 351, 403, 404, 405, 406, 407; and six additional credits selected from any of the courses not used in the above category, FRE 315, 321, 394, 450, 491, 495, 498, 499, ENG 432. Either FRE 491 or ENG 432 may count as an elective, but not both.  

Minor added FRE 220 as an elective

M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve.


                                    Spanish, SPA 470, Introduction to Spanish Translation, 3 Credits. New Course.

An introduction to the theoretical and technical aspects of translation from English to Spanish and Spanish to English, with special attention paid to methods, techniques, research, documentation, and problems involved in written translation. It is also designed as a course aimed at improving language skills for intermediate-high and advanced students of Spanish through the use of translation as research mechanism, a means for critical analysis, and as a skill-building tool. Emphasis is on written discourse from journals, newspapers, and commercial texts, with some consideration of specialized material from the fields of business, literature, technology, and the social sciences. Prereq: SPA 303, 304, 330; BC or better in SPA 330. Offered every third semester.

M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve.


            Proposal #4: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

                  W-S minor, change courses in list of options. Add W-S 301, 305, 315 to category 2; HIS 386, SOC 375, CST 338 to category 3; delete HIS 303 from category 3.

                        W-S/HIS 301, 305, 315, Cross-listing.

M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve.


            Proposal #5: Philosophy

Major, Change electives “No more than six credits of PHL 494/495/497 shall count toward the major”.

                        PHL 100, 201, 240, 300, 301, 320, 324, 333, 334, 341, 494, 495, Change descriptions.

                        PHL 326, 339, 350, Change descriptions and when course is offered.

                        PHL 220, 332, 337, 496, Change when course is offered.

M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve pending consultation with  W-S for cross-listing with PHL 324.


            Proposal #6: Geography/Earth Science

                  GIS minor, GEO major-GIS concentration, Change electives--Add 306, 307, 450; limit 450 to 3 cr in minor.

GEO/ESC 385, Intro to GIS, Change number from 481. (will delete 581); change description and prereq. (eliminate MTH 145)

GEO485 change prereq to MTH 145 and GEO/ESC 385

Dept. has discussed prereq changes with MTH dept. M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve.


                        Proposal #7: Psychology

                                    Major, Reorganize categories

Category V: Cognition (at least 3 cr required) PSY 335 or 435; Category VI. Complete one additional advanced experimental or biopsychological course. Select from PSY 437, 438, 430 or 434; Category VII Application courses (at least 3 cr required) PSY 334, 343, 347, 370, 376, 401; Category VIII: Experiential (old category VII) Category IX: General Elective  (3 credits required) Select from PSY 107, 280, 285, 318, 200, 205,259, 305, 310, 311, 312, 313, 314, 317, 320, 330, 382, 395, PSY/PHY 301, 333 or any additional courses from categories III-VII;  Category X: Advanced Electives (3 credits required) Select from 403, 404, 410, 417, 420, 426, 431, 436, 441, 444, 461, 489, 490 or any additional 400 level courses from categories III, VI, and VII.

                                    Change prerequisites

PSY 210 PSY 100 Open to PSY and pre-PSY majors only

PSY 231/232 PSY 100, MTH 145 and at least 3 other credits in PSY

PSY 280 PSY 100 (Tchr ed PSY 212), ANT 101 or HIS 101 or 102

PSY 430, 434 PSY 100; MTH 145; PSY 231 or BIO 312

PSY 441 Grade of B or better in PSY 341 or SOC 330; MTH 145; junior standing

PSY 444 12 cr in PSY; junior standing, senor recommended.


PSY 376, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Change course title

                                    PSY 452, Delete

M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve.


NOTE: Proposal #2 Athletic Training not presented; will be on agenda for Jan. 30.


5.       Consent agenda: None

6.       Old Business: TEGC endorsed History proposal approved by UCC Nov. 14

7.       New business: None

8.       Meeting adjourned at 6:49 p.m.



Dean approved General Education substitutions:

                        SAH: COMM 109, Fundamentals of Human Communication, taken at UN – Lincoln for CST 110.



Submitted by Diane Schumacher, UCC secretary