Academic Program Review Committee Minutes

April 18, 2008 - 3:30 p.m.         


I.        Roll Call.

      Present:  Calmes, Elder, Frye, Grunwald, Hoffman, Ready, Schneider, Shadforth

      Excused: Rivera


II.  Business

A.     Approval of Minutes


      M/S/P to approve the minutes from March 7, 2008 with minor changes.


B.     Review of APR Reports


History Program Report – Subcommittee members, Ready and Frye, presented and summarized the report.


M/S/P to accept the History APR report with stated changes.



School Health Education Program Report - Subcommittee member, Hoffman, presented and summarized the report.  There was discussion regarding the statement of several of the recommendations. 


M/S/P to accept the Communication Studies Program APR report with stated changes.


II.                 The committee then discussed the need to provide an end of the year report to SEC that lists several program concerns that have been seen consistently in many of the APR reports this year.  These include budget, technology, interdepartmental issues dealing with the School of Education, campus climate/collegiality. 


Furthermore, the issue of what role the APR committee will have in UWL program assessment was discussed.  There was consensus that there needs to be further clarification of roles of this committee regarding assessment.  A meeting with the APR chair and a few APR members with SEC will be pursued.



III. Adjournment – 4:45 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Sandy Grunwald, Secretary