Committee on Academic Policies and Standards

Minutes for October 5, 2007



Members present:         J. Boyle, R. Gillis, D. Hammen, R. Haro, R. LeDocq,

                                    J. Rome, J. Shadforth

Members excused:        D. Lake, C. Lee, M. Cary, S. Navarre, J. Shanks

Consultants:                  C. Bakkum, A. Dittman, K. Kiefer, D. Waters


  1. Meeting called to order at 2:18 p.m. by Chair LeDocq.


  1. M/S/P (9/0/0) to approve CAPS minutes from 9/21/07.


  1. Committee discussed ESS appeal to offer ESS 739 Current Issues in Sports Law over 2 weeks for 4 hours a day during J-term rather than the customary 3 weeks, in order to accommodate the work absences necessary for the faculty member who would be commuting from Milwaukee.  The discussion considered the feasibility and desirability of such a change, the possibility that a precedent for future such appeals would be set, and the faculty member’s previous success in offering the class.


M/S/P (7/1/0)   one-time only approval to offer ESS 739 over 2 weeks during J-term


  1. Committee heard appeal of requirement to complete the last 24 credit hours toward the degree on campus from a College of Business Administration (CBA) student. Student appealing to take 12 credits elsewhere:

*******          Approved         8/0/0


  1. Committee continued discussion of SEC charge to Create a matrix showing the likelihood of admission using trend data and data from the most recent classes begun on 9/21/07.  K. Kiefer, Admissions Consultant, advised that a matrix had been completed and was already in use by the Office of Admissions.  She noted that the matrix considered ACT scores and class rank, with a listing of relevant secondary factors.  Chair LeDocq inquired as to the availability of class rank data.  Kiefer explained that its was the most readily available information, acknowledging that some schools had stopped releasing the information while class rank was also less useful for students applying from small high school classes.  In such cases, the admissions officers rely more heavily on ACT scores and other transcript information.  Discussion also considered the list of secondary factors as well as the process and data used in creating the matrix.


  1. Meeting adjourned at 3:21 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jocelyn Shadforth, Co-Secretary