September 18, 2007


Members Present:   Ali, Greiner, Hunt, Krueger, Loehr, Reineke, Rindt, Skemp-Alt  

Members Excused:  Wright

Members Absent:   Malisa

Consultants Present: Abhold, Dittman, Martin-Stanley

Guest: Howard


  1. Introductions of guests and committee members.


  1. Elected Chair and Secretary


M/S/P to approve Chair David Reineke and Secretary Chris Bakkum


  1. Chair and Secretary explained procedure details to members


Correction of GCC roster:

Amanda Thompson, a student member withdrew and Student Association will be assigning a new representative.


  1. Approval of May 1, 2007 minutes


M/S/P to approve minutes


  1. Second readings:


    1. BIO 449/559, Advance Microscopy and Biological Imaging, 3 cr. Course revision.

Principles and techniques used in modern microscopy and biological image analysis. Emphasis will be on student projects to become proficient at confocal, fluorescence, and scanning electron microscopy. Students will also learn specimen preparation, digital imagining, and image processing and analysis for biological applications.


M/S/P to approve the proposal


  1. First readings: none


  1. Consent agenda: none


  1. Old Business: none


  1. New Business: none


Meeting adjourned 3:50 p.m.



cc:  J Von Ruden