Meeting of the Faculty Senate General Education Committee

October 15, 2007

325 Main Hall


Members Attending: Michael Current, Jon Fields, Eric Fuhrmann, Anne Galbraith, Eric Kraemer, Tom Pribek, Cris Prucha, Robert Ragan, Don Sloan


Consultants & Guests: Chris Bakkum, Carla Burkhardt, Gregory Chu, Amelia Dittman, Sandy Grunwald, Emily Johnson, Betsy Morgan, Harunur Rasid


Absent (excused): Adrienne Loh


3:35, called to order, by Anne G., chair


M/S/P to approve minutes of 10/1/07; voice vote



 - Gen Ed. webpage undergoing revision

 - Terry Beck, English, will resume serving as co-ordinator for writing emphasis instructors

 - results of Gen Ed. survey of faculty/instructional staff should be available by next meeting


New Course: ESC 211, Global Warming

 - presentation by Prof. Harunur Rasid, with answers to comm.

    1. addresses goals of Gen Ed in following categories:

         Inquiry & Critical Thinking

         Foundations of Knowledge

         Personal, Social and Global Responsibility

    2. non-lab course; will be available on-line

 - meeting with Emily J. to itemize specific Gen Ed. goals, not course content goals, for the appropriate LX forms

 - final review at next meeting


Old Business: LX-140 form revision

 - revise again to distinguish on form between columns for learning outcomes & course content outcomes

 - final review at next meeting


Old Business: University Core Assessment Plan, draft August 2007

 - Assessment Task Force represented by Sandy Grunwald, who will convey comm. discussion/question to ATF

 - comm. discussion included the following:

    1. membership of "Assessment Advisory Committee" (appointment by Faculty Senate), for those doing interpretation of data & action plans; maintain faculty oversight of curriculum 

    2. incorporate assessment activities that are not done by course(s)    

    3. consequences of lacking "good faith effort" of instructors to participate in assessment

    4. collecting data for multiple sections, potentially immense task if done for all sections, every term

    5. not change Gen Ed. comm.'s power to oversee Gen Ed. program itself

 - ATF will consider our discussions, submit draft to Gen Ed., then to Senate


5:30, meeting adjourned


Notes compiled by Tom P.