Minutes of the Faculty Senate General Education Committee

                          April 21, 2008

                          325 Main Hall



Members Attending: Current, Fields, Galbraith (presiding),

 Kraemer, Loh, Pribek, Prucha, Ragan, Sloan


Guests & Consultants: Suzanne Anglehart, Bakkum, Clow, Dittman,

 Morgan, Bernadette Taylor, Mike Winfrey



Convened 3:21pm, by Chair Galbraith



M/S/P, to approve minutes of April 4, 2008, w/corrections;

 voice vote, unanimous


rpt. f/Emily Johnson on attending Am. Association of Colleges

 & Unv. Gen. Ed. conference, including sessions on assessment,

 articulating goals to students, and isolating practical skills

 (GE) v. career skills (major)


rpt f/chair: AHAC membership announced & comm. will convene to

 begin work on charge by GEC



M/S/P, after discussion, to approve MIC 130, Global Impact of

 Infectious Diseases, II, B, b-2; rep. by S. Anglehart, B. Taylor,

 & M. Winfrey; voice vote, 1 abstaining


M/S/P, after discussion, to approve THA/ECO 374, Economics of Art

 and Entertainment, II, D; rep. by Clow; voice vote, 1 opposed



Continuing discussion of Position Description, 

 Director of University Core

 - difficulty to dept. if GEC chair given release time,

   especially lack of time to cover classes in schedule

 - release time each for GEC chair, UWL 100 co-ordinator, &

   WE/WIMP co-ordinator

 - change GEC by-laws to create continuity (vice-chair or future

   chair, elections in Spring)

 - Galbraith & Kraemer agreed quarter-time release for GE chair

   to serve as "director" would be reasonable


M/S/P, to recommend to Faculty Senate each of the following,

 as separate motions:


 1) .25 re-assignment for both semesters, for GE chair,

   1/9 salary stipend for summer, starting July 1, 2008,

   which also would require bylaws change to Spring election of

   chair & elimination of current dir. position; voice vote,



 2) duties associated with co-ord. UWL 100 be allocated a

  one-time .25 re-assignment, per year, during the academic

  year; voice vote, unanimous


 3) duties associated with co-ord. WE/WIMP be allocated a

 one-time, .25 re-assignment, per year, during the academic

 year; voice vote, unanimous



Adjourned 5:29pm.


Notes compiled by T. Pribek