Minutes of the Instructional Academic Staff Career Progression Committee



Wednesday, March 12, 2008

7:00 am, 150 Murphy (GCA classroom)


Present:                                George Arimond, Ashley Burrowes, Elise Denlinger, David Howard (Chair), Tom Reinert, Melissa Wallace (Secretary).


  1. Approval of minutes. Minutes for 02/06/08 were not offered for approval. Follow up in next meeting.


  1. Schedule future meetings. Due to time constraints, our Chair suggested that we choose future meeting dates at a later time and proceed directly to the organization and use of the D2L site for evaluating candidates for career progression.


  1. Introduction to organization and use of D2L site. The majority of the meeting was spent exploring the D2L site which we will use to evaluate candidates for career progression.
    • It was noted that for some candidates, it was not readily obvious which rank they currently held and which rank they were applying for.
    • David will randomly assign us candidates to represent in our discussion meeting.
    • David reminded us of upcoming deadlines, as follows:

a.      March 26th or 27th: Scores must be loaded into D2L

b.      March 27th or 28th: Discussion meeting (expected to last about 2 hours)

c.      March 29th or 30th: yes/no votes due into D2L site

d.      April 1st: Reconsideration meeting

e.      April 3rd: Final reconsideration, with yes/no votes due to D2L

f.        April 4th: Final recommendations are due to the Faculty Senate Office.


  1. Decide on the use of evaluation worksheets. In consideration of several attachments forwarded by David, there was a general consensus regarding placing special importance on candidates’ teaching merits, with scholarship and service to be considered together. According to the Guide to IAS Career Progression and Portfolio Development, a “successful candidate for career progression” need only have a “solid record of professional development/creative activity/scholarship and/or service.” (p. 2, under “Overview”).


  1. Address other questions about evaluation process.


  1. Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 am.


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Wallace