Minutes of the Instructional Academic Staff Career Progression Committee


Friday, May 2nd, 2008

1:10 pm 263 CC


Present: Elise Denlinger, David Howard (Chair), Tom Reinert, Melissa Wallace (Recorder).


  1. Approval of minutes. Minutes for 03/27/08 were unanimously approved.   


  1. Discussion of final reports: IAS & Faculty Senate.
    • Discussed need to prepare a report for Faculty Senate and the IAS Committee. This report will include encouragement to Deans and Chairs to consider suggestions for clarifying and/or changing the career progression process. One example: among several anomalies discovered in the evaluation process, we would recommend that all programs and departments form some sort of committee to vote on IAS progression.


  1. Issues and suggestions for improvement of evaluation process.
    • The IAS Committee will be encouraged to put new progression suggestions / information on their web site when completed. These suggestions will take the form of a bulleted list addressing Chairs, Deans, and candidates. David has volunteered to compile the list.
    • Suggestions for Chairs should be built into Chair’s training in the fall. Our recommendations will be communicated to Bob Hoar, Provost’s Assistant, for this purpose.


  1. Positive aspects of evaluation process. Both positive and problematic aspects of the evaluation process were discussed:
    • Problematic: The template worksheet that we used for evaluation needs modifying. Access to D2L was unpredictable. There were some documents that IAS were not allowed to access due to a lower status than faculty in terms of “security clearance.” Technical difficulties must be ironed out.
    • Positive: Grateful acknowledgement of David Howard’s hard work and leadership as Chair was expressed. Discussions of the candidates were described as “illuminating.” All appreciated the sense of justice, fairness and camaraderie that characterized our work together on this committee.


  1. Other business?
    • Fall meeting. It was decided that a meeting should be held in the fall in order to meet and greet new members, elect officers, select meeting dates for the semester, and effect changes to the evaluation worksheet.
    • Changes in committee members. As per previous instructions from Carmen Wilson, two faculty members will rotate off of the committee this first year to be replaced by Senior Lecturers. Elise reminded us that SEC makes decisions regarding committee membership.


  1. Meeting was adjourned at 2:07 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Wallace