International Education Committee

Meeting Minutes


Date:  September 13, 2007 (Thursday)


Members Present:  Rafique Ahmed, Deborah Buffton, Kay Dailey, Roger Grant, Jim Gray, David Hart, Eric Kraemer, Rick Rodrick, Jeff Steffen,


Members Absent: Mehmet Aritan.


Members Excused:


1. The meeting was called to order at 7:50 am by Convener Rafique Ahmed.


2.  Dr. Rick Rodrick was elected as the Chair of the Committee.


3. The Chair will ask Mr. Jay Lokken, Director, Office of International Education (OIE), to send a representative from his office to the future meetings.


4.  The Chair will contact Dr. Mehmet Aritan about his ability/inability to attend the future meetings. If not, then Chair will ask Faculty Senate for his replacement from the pool of Alternates.


5.  The Chair will ask the OIE to a student representative to the Committee Meetings.


6. The Chair will invite Dr. Tim McAndrews, the immediate past Chair of the International Education Committee, to brief us about the various and concerns the Committee experienced last time.


7.  Dr. Eric Kraemer, Director of International Studies, will brief us about the International Studies Program at a future meeting.


8.  Following documents were distributed among the committee members.

    (a) Charge letter from the Faculty Senate,

    (b) Year-end Report 2006-07,

    (c) By-Laws,

    (d) Step-by-step Guidelines for Developing New Study Abroad Programs,

    (e) Guidelines for International Study Tour Programs,

    (f) Ongoing Study Tour Program Summary Form, and Study Tour Cover Sheet, and

    (g) Study Tour Budget Worksheet.



9. Among the above documents, the following were reviewed and discussed at the meeting:  (a) Charge letter from the Faculty Senate,  (b) Year-end Report 2006-07, and (c) By-Laws,


10. Next Meeting:  September 27, 2007 at 7:45 am in Room 432 Wimberly Hall.


11. Meeting Adjourned at 8:40 am



Respectfully submitted by


Rafique Ahmed