September 11th, 2007


Members Present: Ahmed, Berlin, Chavalas, Groshek, Kahl, McDougal, Rolfhus, Rusterholz, Sloan, Sullivan, Zheng

Consultants Present: Clow, Dittman, Keller                                    

Guests: Angell, Beyer, Graham                                         


  1. Introductions of guests and committee members.


Chair shared request from Cynthia Berlin for review of her eligibility to serve due to quarter time release for fall semester to work on project in the SAH Dean’s office. No objections to ruling by chair that she retains her eligibility.


  1. Elected Chair and Secretary


M/S/P to approve Chair Steve McDougal and Secretary Chris Bakkum


  1. Chair and Secretary explained procedure details to members


Correction of UCC roster:

Cris Prucha will be replacing Emily Johnson as a consultant from the general education committee. Mitchell Cooper, a student member withdrew and Student Association will be assigning a new representative.


  1. Approval of April 24th, 2007 minutes


M/S/P to approve minutes with addition of Don Socha as present.


  1. First readings:


    1.  ESC 211, Global Warming, 3 cr. New course.

The course explores the scientific basis of global warming and climate change, and their current and likely impacts on human society and the environment, before addressing the action that could be taken by governments, by industry and by individuals to mitigate the effect. Discussion of global warming is situated in the context of models of climate change, focusing on alternative interpretations of the effects of anthropogenic greenhouse gases on global warming.


M/S/P to hold for 2nd reading


    1. Environmental Studies Minor---add APH 202, CST 215, ESC 211 and HIS 321 as electives on the minor.


M/S/P to hold for 2nd reading


  1. Second Readings:  None


  1. Consent Agenda:  None


  1. Old business: Chair shared 2006-2007 UCC final report.


  1. New business: Chair shared Senate Charge.


  1. Meeting adjourned 4:25 p.m.