Minutes of Undergraduate Research Committee Meeting

5pm September 26th, 2007


Present: Vijendra Agrawal, Cheryl Behnke, John Benton, Gretchen Berns, Amery Bodelson  Ashley Burrowes, Beth Cherne, Jordan Coffey, Jon Davies,  Barbara Eide, Tim Gongaware, James Peirce, Keely Rees.

Invited Guest: Aaron Monte and Rick Rodrick

Aaron Monte presented the committee with a history of the URC and the growth of undergraduate research on campus. Rick Rodrick urged the committee not to be satisfied with the current level of success of undergraduate research and encouraged the committee to think of new directions undergraduate research can go in the future.

The committee tabled a discussion concerning the nomination of a vice-chair position.  This position would work closely with the current chair with the hope of fostering continuity from the committee each year.  Ashley Burrowes will ask the Faculty Senate if such a position is appropriate. 

The committee elected Ashley Burrowes as chair and James Peirce as secretary. Aaron Monte was reappointment as editor of the journal.

The following important dates were approved by the committee:



Tuesday October 2nd 6:30-7:30pm

The Society for Undergraduate Research hosts Grant Writing: Tips and Tricks

Wendesday October 17th  5pm

Fall Grant Applications Due
URC: Discuss grant balloting procedures

Monday October 29th   5pm

URC: Discuss grant proposals (marathon meeting)

Monday November 5th 5pm

Ballots are due to Provost office

Wednesday November 7th 5pm

URC: Decide grant awards

Friday February 8th

Abstractions for Celebration due

Friday March 7th

UW-L Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creativity Day


The Faculty Senate charged the committee to “determine the appropriate committee responsibilities regarding the Celebration of Student Research and make recommendations for administrative assistance.”  Ashley Burrows will prepare a report and table it for a future meeting.

The committee decided to table the discussion of the allocation of grant money for fall and spring semester until the committee knows how much money is requested this fall.  The budget line of $15, 000 to support student travel to NCUR 2008 was approved.

Future Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creativity Day dates were discussed.  The committee agreed that the last Friday of March should be the targeted date. Amery Bodelson agreed to look into reserving Cartwright Facilities for March 27, 2009 and March 26, 2010.

Next meeting, on October 17th, the agenda will include 1) a discussion of whether graduate celebration day should be held on a separate day to accommodate space (or lack there of) issues, and 2) what our role is for NCUR 2009 on campus.

Meeting ended at 6:10 p.m.

Submitted: October 9, 2007 by James Peirce.