Articles and By-Laws Committee Minutes (10-10-08)


Members Present: P Beck, M Devine, D Koster, D Sloan, B Udermann


1. Meeting called to order at 11:00 am.


2. Approved the minutes from the 10-2-08 meeting.


3. Discussed “Appendix A Faculty Senate By-Law For IAS Career Progression Committee”.  This committee should be listed as E in the faculty senate by-laws area that describes faculty standing committees. 


4. We discussed if we should eliminate the abbreviations from the document (e.g., IAS, CPC, etc.).


5. Add “not” after the word “does” in the second sentence of the second bulleted area under “Membership of the Career Progression Committee (CPC) shall consist of 6 members including:”


6. We discussed that if we do make changes to Appendix A we should share those changes with IAS before this comes before the faculty senate.


7. We discussed clarifying who an “appeal” would go to and how exactly that would work.


8. Capitalize human resources office in number 4.


9. It was decided that D Koster and P Beck would work together to take a first stab at making revisions to Appendix A and those recommendations would be shared with the rest of the Articles and By-laws committee. 


10. We recommend the document be consistent in regards to using numbers (e.g., 11 or eleven).   


11. We had a discussion about “burden of proof” in number five.  M Devine will investigate and if this should be further defined and spelled out in the by-laws.  


12. D Sloan reported back from the GEC that they felt it is appropriate to keep the current 5 year membership term.


13. We had a short discussion about faculty senate committee term limits.  We are in agreement that current term limits are acceptable and are not aware of any reasons a change should occur at this time.


14. Meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Brian Udermann