Articles & Bylaws Committee

Minutes, September 26, 2008



The 2008/2009 Articles & Bylaws Committee convened for its organizational meeting at 11:00 a.m. in Murphy’s Mug, Murphy Library.  Members present: Paul Beck (convener), Michael Devine, David Koster, Don Sloane, and Brian Udermann.


I. Election of Chair.  Paul Beck was nominated and elected to be chair.  M/S/P


II.  Election of Secretary.  Secretarial duties will rotate.  Beck will take minutes today.  Udermann volunteered to be secretary for next meeting.  All those taking minutes should send them to Beck who will be responsible for e-mailing the minutes to Sibbie Weathers.


III.  Review of Charges from Faculty Senate

A.  “Review the IAS Career progression report (Kerrie Hoar, Chair) and develop by-law changes as necessary.”

Brian Udermann had a copy of a report, entitled “Suggested Revisions to UW-L Employee Handbook, Proposed by the Instructional Academic Staff Committee.”   Beck had printed out from the HR home page “A Guide to Instructional Academic Staff (IAS) Career Progression and Portfolio Development at UW-La Crosse.”  Some confusion over which report we were supposed to review.  Subsequent to this meeting, Udermann met with Sibbie Weathers on Friday and Sibbie clarified that we are to look at Appendix A of the

IAS Career Progression and Portfolio Development report.  Udermann sent an email of Friday, Sept. 26 reporting this conversation, with electronic link to the report:

 The A & B Committee will review Appendix A for their next meeting.

            There was also discussion about the new Departmental By-laws template that is to be implemented across campus this year.  Brian Udermann volunteered to find information on its status and following our meeting sent out this link:

             Another issue raised was if the A&B Committee recommends bylaws changes that would affect UW-L personnel rules do we have the responsibility and/or authority to edit those rules?   We should ask Sibbie Weathers for clarification on who revises UW-L personnel rules. 



B.  “Review and discuss the “5 Year Term Rule” for membership in the General Education Committee to determine if this is too long a time to serve on one committee.”

Don Sloane is a member of the Gen. Ed. Committee and he volunteered to survey members of the Gen. Ed. Committee about this issue and ask to put it on a meeting agenda.  It was suggested and agreed that the A&B Committee should do a quick survey of the Faculty Senate Bylaws to see what other Faculty Committees have extended term limits.  It was noted that the Library Committee also allows for appointment for up to five years but that “at least three faculty members shall be newly appointed each year.”  That clause does not appear in the Gen. Ed. By-law and may be something to consider.



IV.  Other business.   Michael Devine has raised an issue of the use of abstentions in department voting at UW-L with concerns that such use be in compliance with Roberts Rules of Order and that the impact of using abstentions be understood by all departments.  This issue has been brought to the attention of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Joe Heim will respond.


V.  Next meeting of the Articles & Bylaws Committee is tentatively scheduled for Friday, Oct. 10, at 11:00 a.m. 


Meeting adjourned, 10:50 a.m.


Respectfully submitted


Paul Beck