Academic Planning Committee

December 4, 2008

3:45 p.m. - 126 Wing



1.  The Academic Planning Committee was called to order by Chair Senger at 3:45 p.m. Thursday December 4, 2008 in room 126 Wing.

2.  Committee members present:  Senger, Poulton, Glass, Yu, Sudhakaran, Czerwinski, Tiffany, Seebach, Kastantin.  Guest Rhonda Smith.

3.  MSP approve the minutes of November 15 meeting.

4.    Rhonda Smith discussed LX 138P new minor proposal:  Sports Broadcasting within the Broadcast and Digital Communication Emphasis of the Communication Studies Department consisting of 24 credits:  17-19 required and 5-7 elective from a stated list.   Questions were raised including:

a.  Retroactive application from anticipated catalog date of Fall 2009 to accommodate existing students already taking the courses leading to the minor though the minor is not yet formal. 

b.  No new human resources required.

c.  No new financing required.

d.  22-24 credit minors are “normal” at UWL.

e.  No hidden requirements (say prerequisites). 

f.  Diane Schumacher has reviewed the proposal and made recommendations.

g.  CLS committee has approved.

h.  UCC is the next stop.

MSP recommendation to Senate to approve: Minor Proposal: Sports Broadcasting within Broadcasting Digital Communications.

5.  Much discussion concerning existing APC documents and an apparent name change from “Priorities” to “Planning” along with some concern that there appears to be no central repository for APC documents.  Senger will look into this as he already has on a preliminary basis and will recommend to APC what might be archived and where.  This may also require some housekeeping changes to certain documents.

6.  No invitations have yet been extended to on-line course proponents.  Such invitations may be made during the next several weeks at which time it is anticipated that one or more invitees will speak with APC at a future meeting concerning how the proponent’s on-line course is actually conducted and other useful information.

7.  The Medical Dosimetry proposal was not ready at meeting time.

8.  The next APC meeting is conditionally scheduled for Thursday December 11 at 3:45 p.m. room 126 Wing.  The condition is whether the Medical Dosimetry proposal is in Senger’s hands by 10 a.m. Wednesday December 10.  If the meeting is not held, Senger will notify the committee members via email when the next meeting will occur, likely before the Spring 2009 semester begins.  Kastantin requested a volunteer second to serve as secretary in the event that the December 11 meeting is held as Kastantin will be out of town on that date.

9.  Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted on December 5, 2008 by

Joseph T. Kastantin