The meeting was called to order by Chair Senger at approximately 8:50 a.m., Thursday March 12, 2009 room 126 Wing.


Members present:  Senger, Sudhakaran, Gendreau, Glass, Kastantin, Poulton, Czerwinski.  Yu submitted email comments and questions on the sole agenda item.

Guest:  Deborah Hoskins, Co-Chair, Department of Women’s Studies.

Minutes of previous meetings were not discussed.


Professor Hoskins provided an overview of the proposal to add a major in Women’s Studies.  The department was created in 1987 at the same time the Women’s Studies Minor was approved.  The primary feeds to the minor will likely be the primary feeds to the major:  Sociology, Psychology and Health Education, although there are potential majors cross campus.  Students wishing to major in Women’s Studies will be encouraged to take a second major as well.  Program credits for the major would be 33 while the minor has 26 credits.  The organization of the major and minor differ significantly as to courses required.  The major includes six categories of courses some of which are cross listed.  There are currently 3 FT faculty members in the department and 1 new position is currently being searched for candidates.  Funding for this new position has been approved.  There are presently nine students who have indicated the intent to pursue the major if it is approved.  The requested effective date for the major is Fall 2009.  The number of minors historically has been 40-50 students.  Three new courses are proposed for addition to the curriculum. 


Kastantin offered several comments on the LX 138C and the related January 26, 2009 memo prepared by Deborah Hoskins.  Other questions included staffing issues and new course offerings along with the extent to which co-faculty will continue to be used.  Course offering rotation is currently adequate for the proposed major. 


There will likely be additional changes in the name of the major and the department and the minor.  The changes will reflect the expanding scope of the present department’s constituent reach.

MSP to recommend approval of the proposal.  6 yea, 1 nay (Kastantin).


Next meeting scheduled for 8:50 a.m. Thursday March 26, 2009 126 Wing.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:40 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Joseph T. Kastantin, Secretary