Academic Program Review Committee

September 24, 2008—Minutes

Revised—October 6, 2008*

327 Graff Main Hall


In Attendance: Victoria Calmes (Convener), Linda Dickmeyer (temporary Secretary), Walter Elder, Chris Frye, Heather Mortell, Omar Rivera, Sarah Turner (Student Representative)


Excused: Sandy Grunwald, Jocelyn Shadforth


Meeting called to order at 4:40 pm with introductions of committee members.


*Election of Officers—Jocelyn emailed Victoria about her interest in either Chair or Secretary; Sandy emailed Victoria about her interest in Secretary. Committee members present unanimously agreed to elect Jocelyn Shadforth Chair of APR and Sandy Grunwald Secretary.


Business from past academic year—No pressing carry-over business was recalled according to returning committee members. Returning members will double-check minutes from last year to make sure. Seven programs were reviewed during 2007-2008. Victoria read highlights from year-end report.


APR Process discussed—for the sake of new members, the process of evaluating programs was reviewed. Sub-committees are formed to decrease individual workload. Each sub-committee is assigned whatever Program Reviews come in. Typically members read the entire program, then the letter from outside reviewer, and then the letter from the Dean. The sub-committee uses the APR outline to write the report, often in consultation with the Department Chair. The report comes back to full APR committee and then to Faculty Senate for final approval.


First Program Review Assigned—there is already a Program Review ready for 2008-2009 (Environmental Studies Minor). Walter Elder and Linda Dickmeyer volunteered to form the first sub-committee and would also like to have student Sarah Turner serve on this subcommittee.


*Student Rep—the committee is happy to have student representative this year. Victoria is going to check with Sibbie about Sarah’s role on the committee.


Change of Committee Member—it was brought to our attention that John Ready will not be able to serve on APR this year. He will report this to the Committee on Committees as soon as possible so a replacement/alternate is assigned.


Homework—everyone should check out the APR website for more information, history, and updates. This link can be accessed through the Faculty Senate page, but is also here for your convenience:


Meeting adjourned at approximately 5:20 pm.


Revisions to Minutes as per email follow-up and correspondence

*Election of officers: Jocelyn is already the chair of CAPS so Walter was unanimously elected to be the 2008-2009 Chair of APR.


*Student Rep: Victoria spoke with Sibbie and Sarah is a full committee member with rights to vote and participate in all decisions. She will join Linda and Walter on the first sub-committee.


Respectfully Submitted,

Linda B. Dickmeyer, CST