Faculty Budget Review Committee



Date: Oct. 1, 2008

Time: 1:45


Present: Abler, LeDocq, Morgan, Riley, Sherony, Smith, Vogt



•  Minutes from 9/17 corrected to read "LeDocq" in place of "Ledocq": MSP


•  Riley distributed two documents showing the latest Delaware Study (2006 data -- Program Mix, 75th percentile) as compared to UW-L SCH/IFTE.


•  There was discussion regarding the issue of this year's $1.2M budget reallocation and how many GQ&A funded positions would represent an actual increase over current IFTE.


•  LeDocq reported that Provost Enz Finken would like to meet with the Committee about additional funding for instructional support.  The Committee would like to arrange for this at the next meeting.


•  There was discussion regarding oversight of S&E expenditures from GQ&A.


•  There was discussion regarding the new policy for budget accounts in deficit.


•  There was discussion regarding the University Budget Council.


•  The Committee agreed to formulate questions pertinent to the above discussion topics in hopes of asking the Provost at the next meeting.


•  mtg adjourned: 2:55