CAPS Minutes
2:20 p.m. – 325 GMH

Present:  Darlene Lake, Ulisses Barquero, Paul Miller, Kevin LeFeure, Roger Haro, Shane Van Dalsem, Jacob Gietman, Jeff Boyle, Chuck Lee

Excused:  Patrick Randolph

·        Josylen resigned from chair

·        Anyone want to be chair?

Rick Gillis

·        Sue does end of year report

·        Minutes of last meeting approved

 Discussion on having an Associates Honors program

 New Business

·        Summer school programs/class start date.

§  ACC 421 – start course early to run 4 weeks

Passes 10-0-0

·        Water safety course ESS 116

§  Start 1 week before start date

§  2 week course, completed by June 1st  
          Passes 10-0-0

·        ESS 460/560 Tight rope Management

§  One year exception to start before for Colorado
     Passes 10-0-0

·        ESS 781 program leadership

§  1 week course

§  Start after summer 1 start date June 15, 2009
          Passes 10-0-0


·        J-Term course that are core courses that have heavy load of writing and reading

§  But required for curriculum

§  Not enough time for teachers to teach these courses

·        J-Term courses getting away from the original intent

§  Some courses, when you go in to the next upper level courses, you aren’t prepared enough as a full semester classes

§  Even equivalent hrs, it’s still not the same as having a 15 week course

§  Access issue to what we offer?

§  See what the CLS Dean has to say?

= make draft=
Tell depts. To critically examine what courses they offer during J-Term, over 3 weeks vs. 15 weeks
-only the ones that do the work-


Next Meeting of CAPS: TBA


Meeting adjourned: 2:49 p.m.