Complaints, Grievances, Appeals and Academic Freedom Committee

Minutes of November 10, 2008

221 Graff Main


Members Present:  R. Gillis, M. Haupert, W. Khandker, S. Krajewski, P. Miller, D. Stroud (chair), and B. Taylor-Winfrey


Members Absent:  D. Fater, J. Shanks


1)      The meeting was called to order at 4:34 pm by the chair.

2)      The chair had met with the dean of SAH, as directed in the special charge letter from the faculty senate chair, concerning a possible violation of the final exam policy.  The details of this conversation was shared with the committee and the committee then discussed whether action should be taken.  The committee decided to take no action on the matter because no official complaint had been filed.  The committee did agree that if the dean of SAH felt that a violation had occurred, or if the policy should be revised, that she should draft a letter to the senate executive committee asking that the matter be directed to the appropriate committee(s) for consideration.

3)      Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.





Respectfully Submitted,



Paul D. Miller