Faculty Development Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


(1)        Members Present:  J. Kirsch, V. Crank, S. Dickmeyer, K. Kattchee (Chair), B. Rusterholz, S. Scherwitz, G. Cravins, S. Verrall, B. Cerbin (consultant)


(2)        The Chair called the meeting to order at 2:20 PM


(3)        The committee discussed the proposals submitted by J. Arney and C. Gillette.


The Arney proposal was generally favorably regarded by the committee, but its subject matter led to a discussion about what kinds of online learning projects are appropriate to funding via a Faculty Development Committee Grant.  During this discussion, it was suggested that the committee may want to address topics associated with online coursework more formally at a future meeting.  The committee may also want to invite Brian Udermann, the Director of Online Education at UW–L, to a future meeting as a consultant.


The general consensus of the discussion surrounding the Gillette proposal was that the project itself seemed worthy of consideration, but the proposal needed significant modification.  Specific critiques of the proposal included the following: it lacked a clear definition of what would be studied, it failed to convince the committee that other schools would be willing to provide data for the study, it did not provide justification for including data from two other schools to the study, and it lacked specificity regarding the travel costs presented in the budget.


The remaining proposals will be discussed at the next meeting on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2009.


(4)        The Chair made a statement encouraging applicants to continue to take advantage of the services provided by the Statistical Consulting Center on campus.


(5)        The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Janet Kirsch