Faculty Development Committee Meeting

Minutes for Wednesday, April 1, 2009  Draft


Members present:  M. Cary, S. Dickmeyer K. Kattchee, J. Kirsch, S. Scherwitz, S. Verrall

Member not present: V. Crank, G. Cravins, B. Rusterholz

Consultant: B. Cerbin


1.      Meeting called to order at 2:22 p.m. by Chair Kattchee.


2.      Based on an e-mail to the Chair from S. Jessee, The Committee discussed her proposal and related considerations. The Chair will present the following request to the Provost.


M/S/P The Faculty Development Committee (FDC) requests that the Provost use the remaining FDC funds to support the S. Jessee and D. LaCoss proposals. The Committee believes these are important projects that unfortunately, as submitted, do not meet the FDC grant criteria.


3.      The Committee approved the minutes of the March 4, 2009 meeting.


4.      The Committee will meet again to further discuss issues that have been raised this year. The next meeting will most likely be April 15.


5.      Meeting adjourned at 3:13 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Melanie Cary