May 20, 2009


To:       Joe Heim, Chair

            Faculty Senate


From:   Articles and Bylaws Committee

            Paul Beck (Chair), Michael Devine, David Koster, Donald Sloane, and

            Brian Udermann


Re:       Committee Report


In its September 2, 2009 charge letter from the Faculty Senate, the Articles and Bylaws Committee’s received two special charges:


1.  Review the IAS Career Progression Report (Kerrie Hoar, Chair) and develop by-law changes as necessary.

2.  Review and discuss the “5 Year Term Rule” for membership in the General Education Committee to determine if this is too long a time to serve on one   committee.


Special Charge #1.   After our organizational meeting in September, the Articles & Bylaws Committee clarified with the Faculty Senate that we were to review Appendix A, Faculty Senate Bylaws for IAS Career Progression Committee, contained in the draft report, A Guide to Academic Staff (IAS) Career Progression and Portfolio Development at UW-La Crosse.  Our investigation of Appendix A led to an examination of the entire IAS report to ensure that the language in Appendix A and in the report were in harmony.  This investigation led to suggested changes in the report that the IAC Career Progression Committee (CPC) undertook to review.  This review included email communications and several meetings between Articles & Bylaws Committee members and Kerrie Hoar over a period of several months and lasted into the spring.


An email from Kerrie Hoar dated 4/22/09, (see page 3 of this report), informed the A & B Committee that the IAS documents needed further refinement over the summer, especially for the grievance procedures, and will be brought back to the Faculty Senate in the fall.  The A & B Committee had suggested changes to Appendix A which the CPC adopted.  In the likelihood that the CPC will change the grievance procedure in the Guidelines over the summer, that might affect the language proposed by the Articles & Bylaws Committee to Appendix A.  The A & B Committee therefore thinks it best to wait until after the CPC finishes their changes and defer approval of the Bylaws Appendix A until next fall.  The language already drafted for Appendix A might suffice for next year’s Article & Bylaws Committee or they may have to take another look at it depending on the extent of the CPC changes.


The final draft of A Guide to Academic Staff (IAS) Career Progression and Portfolio Development at UW-La Crosse, including an extensively revised Appendix A, is attached. 


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Special Charge  #2.  Review and discuss the “5 Year Term Rule” for membership in the General Education Committee.


The Articles and Bylaws Committee did a survey of the Faculty Senate Bylaws to see what other Faculty Committees have extended term limits.  It was found that the Library Committee also allows for appointment for up to five years but that “at least three faculty members shall be newly appointed each year.”  That clause does not appear in the Gen. Ed. Committee bylaws and that may be something to consider adding to their bylaws.


Don Sloane is a member of the General Education Committee this year and he volunteered to survey members of the Gen. Ed. Committee about this issue and ask that it be put it on a meeting agenda.  At the Articles and By-Laws Committee meeting of Oct. 10, 2008, Donald Sloan reported back from the GEC that they felt it is appropriate to keep the current 5 year membership term.  The Articles & Bylaws Committee thought that whatever concerns there may have been in the past that this issue need no further discussion since the current membership was satisfied with the membership term length.  The only issue remaining is if a clause should be added to Gen. Ed. Committee bylaws ensuring new committee members every year, similar to the clause in the Library Committee bylaws.



Respectfully submitted


Paul Beck

Chair, Articles & Bylaws Committee, 2008/09




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From:  Kerrie Hoar []                      Sent:  Wed 4/22/2009 2:28 PM


To:  Beck Paul B


Re: IAS Career progression bylaws and guidelines


“CPC is fine with including this language, but we are going to incorporate it over the summer for approval in the Fall.  The reason for this is a long story - but the short version is this:


The IAS Committee re-wrote and approved UWL chapters 8, 9, 11, 12 & 13 in which we split non-instructional and instructional academic staff as far as governance, grievance, etc. procedures are concerned.  These went to the Provost and HR for approval and, since it will need BOR approval,  HR sent them to system legal, along with UWL10 revisions, for pre-approval before being approved by faculty senate and the BOR.  System Legal has taken issue with this split, since system sees all AS as one unit - separate from faculty.  The one place that we are going to have to make a change is with campus grievances by IAS.  All of our new policy language (including our career progression document) state that IAS will follow UWL 6 for grievances and appeals.  By system policy, we are not allowed to follow faculty procedures - we must follow the AS procedures in UWL 13.  It should be as simple as following AS procedure and ending up at a hearing committee of IAS.  This committee's members would be appointed by committee on committee (just like the faculty committee hearing committee).   But, he end result will require a change in all current IAS documents to reflect this.  I will be working with HR over the summer to get 8-13 finalized and getting language in to other IAS policy to reflect the grievance pathway change.  This language would then go out to the appropriate committees for approval first thing in the fall and immediately on to faculty senate.”