May 8, 2009



TO:                  Joe Heim, Chair

                        Faculty Senate


FROM:             Rebecca LeDocq, Chair

                        Budget Review Committee


RE:                   2008-2009 Final Report



According to Faculty Senate Bylaw II. D. The Budget Review Committee, the duties and responsibilities of the committee shall include:

1.  Study and report to the senate on university budget decisions that affect instruction and research.

2.  Review annual budgets and report to the senate on trends in support for instruction.



The Budget Review Committee met twice this year after its organizational meeting. The purpose of the first of these meetings was a general discussion on budget issues as they affected the faculty. The second of these meetings was at the request of the Provost. At this meeting the Provost shared her draft proposal for a Center for Learning at UW-L. The members of the committee unanimously supported this proposal.


Although I can’t speak for the entire committee, I don’t feel that this committee is really needed. Obviously, the members this year didn’t feel the need to request additional meetings of the committee.