REPORT FROM 2008-2009




Charge: Review a proposed change of wording in UWL 3.06 Renewal of appointments and granting of tenure.

     The PTS recommendation on revised wording in both UWL 3.05 Periodic Review and 3.06 Renewal of appointments and granting of tenure was approved by the Faculty Senate on October 9, 2008.



Charge: Review the current pay plan, retention and recruiting statistics to determine if you would recommend any modifications of current pay plan formulae (including the Chancellor’s use of discretionary 10%).

      The PTS Committee recommendation on the 2009-2011 pay plan was approved by the Faculty Senate on February 5, 2009.  Obtaining any meaningful retention and recruiting statistics as specified in the charge proved difficult.  The lack of a consistent exit interview mechanism is likely to result in incomplete and inconclusive data.



Charge: Review data related to possible pay compression to determine if any recommendations are appropriate.

     The PTS Committee reviewed the data gathered by the 2007-2008 PTS Committee in its study of the salary compression issue and has prepared a Power Point presentation (attached) which graphically illustrates the severity of this problem at UWL.  Faculty Senate Chair Heim modified this charge from developing any appropriate recommendations and instead asked the committee to focus more on describing how significant the compression problem has become over time.  Consistent with last year’s committee findings this PTS Committee has also determined that salary compression is a very real and difficult problem facing all UW-L colleges. 


Charge: Review the policy of not linking tenure with promotion to determine if this policy is appropriate.

     At least two previous PTS Committees (2000-2001 and 2006-2007) have investigated this (or a very similar) issue.  We also reviewed the current policy and practice of separate recommendations by separate committees for the distinct decisions on tenure and promotion.  Consistent with the similar conclusions reached by previous PTS committees, the 2008-2009 PTS Committee determined that this policy is appropriate and does not currently merit revision.


Charge:  Review the Recruitment and Retention Funding Plan and make any recommendations you deem necessary.

     The comments below all refer to the attached document entitled “UW La Crosse Fy 2009-2010 Budget – Faculty Recruitment and Retention Funding Plan”.

     Does UW-L use the title “Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance” rather than the title “Chief Business Officer (CBO)” occurring in the document?

     To provide a more accurate description of the sequence of steps involved in these procedures the PTS Committee recommends changing the paragraph in section 1. “Those involved in the distribution decision-making process.” to read as follows:

     Chairs of the academic departments will submit funding requests to their respective Dean or Director.  The Provost, with participation by the deans of UW-L’s three academic colleges (Business Administration, Liberal Studies, and Science and Health) and the Director of Murphy Library in consultation with the CBO will determine the distribution of the Faculty Retention Funding.

     With regard to the five bullet categories of retention/recruitment needs displayed in section 2. “The distribution methodology used.”, PTS recommends the following:

     Move the third bullet category providing for a “Proactive salary adjustment for . . .” to the top of the list to recognize this as the highest priority need.

     Unless there is convincing justification and a more complete explanation for the fifth bullet category of providing a “lump sum summer stipend . . . paid out on a one-time basis.” this category of need should be struck from the document.

     In section 3. “The rationale and/or mission-critical nature of the decision.”  PTS suggests replacing the word “that” in the second bullet category by the word “who”.