To: Joe Heim, Chair, Faculty Senate

From: Donna Anderson, Chair, Scholarship and Awards Committee (2008-2009)

Re:  Scholarship and Awards Committee Final Report

Date:  May 27, 2009


1. The Scholarship and Awards Committee consisted of the following members:

·        Faculty:  Donna Anderson, Beth Cherne, Al Gedicks, David Hart Jon Hasenbank Jess Hollenback Erin Hussey Heather Mortell, Greg Sandland, Chuck Thiel

·        Students: Jennifer Hastings, Carly Hougen

·        Nonvoting: Sara Olson (UWL Foundation Scholarship Coordinator)


2. Donna Anderson served as Chair and Jon Hasenbank served as Secretary.


3. All members of the committee actively participated in the screening of applications for scholarships and awards and in recommending their recipients, except Hastings and Hougen.


4. The committee met three times during the year:

·        The initial organizational meeting Sept 25, 2008

·        A meeting on March 23, 2009, where the Thrune interviews were conducted.

·        A meeting Mar 25, 2009, where the scholarships and awards applications were discussed and ranked.


5. The following scholarships and awards were handled by the committee:

·        Larry Lebiecki Scholarship

·        Murphy Award

·        Fred A. Singer Scholarship

·        Michael G. Skemp Memorial Fund

·        Harold H. Weisse Award Fund

·        Xcel Energy Scholarship

·        Thrune Scholarship


6. The committee adhered to following procedures:


·        The committee established a 2 person “subcommittee” compromised of Donna Anderson and Jon Hasenbank responsible for reviewing the two scholarships with the most applicants—McIlraith and Lebiecki.  Those individuals were excused from all other scholarship responsibilities except the Thrune scholarships and the Murphy awards.

·        All rankings were sent to the Jon Hasenbank prior to the final meeting. The rankings were then compiled by the chair and distributed to committee members to aid as a starting point for discussion.