February 6, 2009


Dear Scholarship Committee Members:


Hello!  Sara Olson, from the Foundation office, and I met last week and we developed a schedule for our committee work this Spring 2009 semester. 


Feb 16: Applications for the following freshmen scholarships due to UWL Foundation.


            Larry Lebiecki Scholarship

            Stuart Morton McIllraith Scholarship I

            Fred A. Singer Scholarship

            Michael G. Skemp Memorial Fund

            Harold H. Weisse Award Fund

            Xcel Energy Scholarship

            Thrune Scholarship


Two committee members will review the Lebiecki and McIllraith scholarship applications and the rest of the committee will review the Singer, Skemp, Weisse, and Excel scholarship applications.  The entire committee will review the Thrune scholarship applications and interview the candidates.


Feb 19:  Sara will place a folder for the SINGER, SKEMP, WEISSE, and XCEL scholarships containing the following information at the Murphy Library Reserve Desk.  Committee members assigned to review these applications are to rank them (1 for the top choice, 2 for the second choice, etc.), and send the rankings to JON HASENBACK by March 13.  Sara will send an electronic spreadsheet with the names for each scholarship for the rankings.



            Scholarship criteria

Checksheet with committee members’ names to check off once we are done reviewing the applications


The two committee members reviewing the Lebiecki and McIllraith scholarship applications will make arrangements with Sara for obtaining the folders. 


Feb 19-Mar 13: Committee members review and rank scholarship applications.


Mar 1: Murphy Award applications due to UWL Foundation.  The entire committee will review the applications for this scholarship.


Mar 3: Sara will place the Murphy Award folder with applications, scholarship criteria and checksheet at the Murphy Library Reserve Desk.   


Mar 9: I will initiate an email conversation to develop interview questions for the Thrune Scholarship, an award for an outstanding graduate from each of the following schools: Brookwood, Cashton, and Westby High Schools.  Sara will send electronic or hard copies of the Thrune Scholarship applicants to each of us.


Mar 13: Electronic spreadsheet with rankings for all scholarships EXCEPT the Thrune Scholarship, including the Murphy Award, due to Jon Hasenback. 


Mar 27 or Mar 30, or Mar 31: The committee will meet as a whole to:


1.      Interview the Thrune applicants (each interview lasts approximately 15 minutes)

2.      Rank the Thrune applicants

3.      Review rankings and decide scholarship/award recipients. 


Apr 1: Decisions to UWL Foundation


Please let me know if you have questions.  Thank you!




Donna M. Anderson

Scholarship Committee, Chair

Economics Department