Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

December 2, 2008



Members Present: Banadzen, Buhrandt, Eide, Finch, Hunt, Kuffel, Passow, Seebach, Steffen, Taylor-Winfrey,

Consultants Present: Dittman, Schumacher, C. Martin-Stanley

Members Absent: Angell (exc), Periyasamy (exc)

Guests: Severson, Berlin


1.       Approval of September 16,2008 minutes


M/S/P to approve minutes


      2.       Second readings: none


        First Readings:


GEO/ESC   440/540  Geographic Interpretation of Aerial Photographs  3cr.,  course revision – course description, prerequisites, effective Fall 2009

Systematic applications of aerial photographs in the interpretation and analysis of geographic problems. Emphasis is placed on digital photograph interpretation with in a geographic information system. Topics include urban and rural land use, natural resource and environmental assessment. Prerequisite: GEO/ESC 385, Lect. 2, Lab 2.  Offered spring.


GEO/ ESC   445/545  Advanced Remote Sensing  3cr.,  course revision – course description, instructional pattern, effective Fall 2009

Advanced techniques of digital satellite and airborne image analysis processing, emphasizing theory and applications in natural resource, land use and environmental assessment. Includes practical approaches to integrating imagery with geographic information systems area for spatial analyses and decision – making. Data acquisition, integrity, manipulation, formatting, storage and retrieval are also examined. Prerequisite: GEO/ESC 345. Offered Spring.


M/S/P to waive 2nd reading and approve the proposal



Exercise and Sport Science - Physical Education Teaching   program revision –effective Fall 2009

Delete Health as a Life Style emphasis; increase credits from 32-35 to 33-39; add ESS 765 and 727 to core requirements


ESS  430/530  Disability and Physical Activity Implications  4 cr.,  course revision – title, course description, effective Fall 2009

The etiology and effects of selected physical, sensory, mental and emotional disorders. Content includes the full range of each category – mild through severe/profound and the role of physical education in the education program. Students in the adapted physical education minor or graduate program are given priority in enrollment. Prerequisites: ESS 231 or RTH 326.


ESS  436/536  Assessment and Program Evaluation in Adapted Physical Education  3 cr.,  course revision – title, course description, prerequisites, effective Fall 2009

This course provides an introduction to appropriate instruments and testing strategies necessary for assessing the gross motor development and health – related physical fitness levels of persons with disabilities. Students learn how to administer, interpret, and use the results of motor assessments to develop individualized education program plans that are utilized in either adapted or general physical education programs for students with disabilities. Prerequisite: ESS 231 (for ESS 436) or graduate admission to physical education teacher education program (for ESS 536). Priority enrollment will be given to students admitted to the Adapted Physical Education minor. Offered spring, summer.


ESS  437/537  Teaching and Service Delivery Models in Adapted Physical Education  3 cr.,   new course at graduate level   effective Fall 2009

This course focuses on adapted physical education teaching strategies and service delivery models in PK-12 setting. Instructional programming and best practices in early childhood, elementary, middle/secondary, and transitional programs for students with disabilities in adapted physical education are covered.  Emphasis is on collaboration among professional service providers such as special educators, regular physical educators, and related service personnel (e.g., occupational, physical, and recreational therapists), as well as allied health and other community agency staff. School site visits and practical teaching are included, along with guest presentations on related disciplines and programs.  Prerequisite: admission to the adaptive physical education minor and ESS 436 (or concurrent enrollment) or admission to graduate physical education teacher education or consent of instructor.  Lect.3 out of class 1-2. Offered Fall, Spring



ESS  727  Planning for Effective Instruction in Physical Education  2 cr.,  course revision -credits, effective Fall 2009

was 3 credits


Note: prerequisite change unnecessary; already existed as proposed.


ESS  736  Critical Analysis Project: Adapted Physical Education  3 cr.,  course revision – title, course description, effective Fall 2009

The student proposes, develops, and analyzes an issue or problem in the adapted physical education profession. Upon approval, the student will conduct an in depth analysis of the issue/problem. The end product will be a written document describing the student’s analysis and an oral presentation with the analysis committee. Prerequisite: ESS 530, 536, 537, and EFN 730. Offered Fall, Spring.


ESS  737  Curriculum Design in Physical Education  2 cr.,  course revision – credits,

effective Fall  2009

was 3 credits 


ESS  787  Clinical Internship in Adapted Physical Education  1-3 cr., course revision – title, course description, prerequisites, effective Fall 2009 

Students complete clinical experiences in adapted physical education settings. Students are required to complete three different clinicals. Each experience is one semester for one credit hour. Clinical experiences may include infant (0-2 years) stimulation programs, pre school or early childhood programs, motor development and physical fitness programs for persons with disabilities, and school based adapted physical education programs. Three credits of internship are required in adapted physical education emphasis of the physical education teacher education program. Prerequisite: Admission to graduate physical education teacher education program.


This was a 1st reading; there will be a 2nd reading   to make suggested changes: clarify elective category in program, review credits in Adaptive PE thesis option, and determine whether there is limit on credits for ESS 787.


Consent Agenda:

           Change the effective date of the prefix changes for CI, CS, IS, OT, PH, WGS from Fall 2009 to



M/S/P to approve


Old business: none


New business: Items changed during proofing of the 2008-2009 catalog: see attachment.


M/S/P to approve


Meeting adjourned 4:10 p.m.