Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

September 16, 2008



Members Present: Angell, Eide, Finch, Hunt, Peryasamy, Taylor-Winfrey, Seebach, Steffen

Consultants Present: Agarwal, Abhold, Dittman, Jax, Bakkum

Members Absent: Kufflel, (exc),

Guests: Schumacher, Severson, Denton, S.Knudson


       1.  Introduction of committee members and consultants

Chris Bakkum introduced Diane Schumacher and Lisa Severson who will work with the committee while Chris and Sue Knudson work on the PeopleSoft project.


      2.   Elected Kenny Hunt as Chair and Diane Schumacher as Secretary


      3.   Chris Bakkum requested that, if at all possible, proposals become effective in

             Fall of 2009.


      4.   Chair and Secretary explained committee procedures to members


5.       Approval of May 6, 2008 minutes


M/S/P to approve minutes


      6.   Second readings: none


7.    First Readings:


Doctor in Physical Therapy, change in program requirements - change credits from 112 to 110, delete two required courses, effective spring 2009, retroactive to all catalogs


PTS   832   Clinical Decision Making in an Outpatient Orthopedic Setting   1cr., Course deletion.


PTS   833   Clinical Decision Making in Autonomous Practice   1cr., Course deletion. 


Presenter explained this curricular revision was the result of the physical therapy program’s on-going assessment of student learning outcomes. The faculty felt that these two courses were not meeting the learning objectives they were designed to meet and that these learning objectives could be better met through revisions of content in other courses. The content will be included in the first clinical decision making course as well as incorporated into redesigned lectures and laboratory experiences in other courses taught in the didactic portion of the curriculum.  Dropping these courses does not eliminate contact between the students and the PT faculty: they still have considerable contact with the Director of Clinical Instruction throughout the fieldwork experience. This revision is an example of common adjustments to new curricula after courses have been taught once or twice.  


M/S/P to waive 2nd reading and approve proposal



8.       Consent Agenda

Change Department/Program prefix from 3 characters to 2 for the following, effective Summer 2009.

Occupational Therapy from O-T to: OT

Public Health from P-H to: PH


9.       Old business: none


10.   New business: No special charge for this year. Chair will e-mail charge letter to members and consultants.



Meeting adjourned at 4:14 p.m.