Faculty Senate General Education Committee

February 2, 2009

325 Main Hall


Meeting convened at 1:18 pm


Members Attending: Michael Current, Jon Fields, Tom Gendreau,

Anne Galbraith (presiding), Erik Kahl, Eric Kraemer, Cris Prucha, Robert Ragan, Don Sloan,


Excused: Tom Pribek


Guests & Consultants: Amelia Dittmann, Bob Hoar, Chris Bakkum,


Galbraith called the meeting to order at 1:18 pm.


M/S/P, approve minutes of 12/7/08 as modified; voice vote,




The Assessment Coordinator Position is on hold

Video Update: The General Education Video is scheduled to be finished by the end of the month.

The committee needs to get the Innovation Grant Process for summer 2009 organized in a timely fashion but we are waiting to hear how much money we have.


Discussion then turned to the Student Learning Outcomes.  In the spirited discussion that followed, numerous concerns emerged.

·         One problem mentioned was with the specificity of the outcomes, in particular whether an adequate assessment of an outcome with multiple parts should require that all of those parts be addressed. 

·         There were concerns expressed about the process.  In particular it is easier for some classes than other to “complete the loop”.

·         Another concern dealt with SLOs being sufficiently broad and not too specific.

·         A concern was expressed that the Assessment Committee should work this semester with those departments who are still having trouble with getting approval for their SLO assessment submissions and that the Assessment Committee should help these departments in devising an adequate assessment process.

·         It was noted that there are many SLOs which are claimed by different Gen Ed classes but are not yet being assessed.  In many cases departments admit that they are not clear on how to assess certain SLOs. 

·         A concern was also expressed about some departments not feeling empowered to use the same assessment methodology for SLOs that they currently use to assess student work in their General Education classes.

·         It was noted that there is no long term plan in place for using the information gleaned from the assessment process to eliminate courses from the GenEd Program.

·         Concern was expressed as to the redundancy in the current list of SLOs.


A sub-committee will begin looking at the SLOs in light of the general SLOs that were adopted by LEAP.


Meeting was adjourned by 3pm


Respectfully co-submitted,


Eric Kraemer and Anne Galbraith