Meeting of the

            Faculty Senate General Education Committee

                          March 2, 2009

                          325 Main Hall


Meeting convened at 1:19pm


Members Attending: Michael Current, Anne Galbraith (presiding),Tom Gendreau, Eric Kraemer, Erik Kahl, Tom Pribek, Cris Prucha, Bob Ragan, Don Sloan


Excused: Jon Fields


Guests & Consultants: Amelia Dittman, Bob Hoar



Do we intend to spend any money (grants and/or special projects)this year?

  - yesteryear: assessment projects & UWL 100

  - no inquiries or applications so far this year


M/S/P: In consideration of the current budget reductions and no projects under consideration this year, we decline spending the innovation fund during 2008-09 but desire to have it available in the future; voice vote, unanimous



Discuss combining/eliminating SLOs

 - report of subcommittee, draft of additional suggestions


 - question of procedure: changing SLOs before 1st assessment

  completed v. just "cleaning up" language

 - various tinkering with possible language revision,

  category description, combining & eliminating items

 - new draft will be presented by subcommittee, reflecting

  today's discussion



Meeting adjourned at 2:58pm


Notes compiled by T Pribek