Meeting of the

            Faculty Senate General Education Committee

                          March 30, 2009

                          325 Main Hall


Meeting convened 1:15pm


Members Attending: Michael Current, Anne Galbraith (presiding), Jon Fields, Tom Gendreau, Eric Kraemer, Erik Kahl, Tom Pribek, Cris Prucha, Bob Ragan, Don Sloan


Consultants: Chris Bakkum, Carla Burkhardt, Amelia Dittman, Bob Hoar


M/S/P, to approve the minutes of 3/2/09; voice vote,

 with 1 abstaining


Clarify course options with addition of new GE courses:

 - GEC, following approval of dept.s affected, intended OR between dept. options in Arts category, so that no more than one can count toward credits in category; oversight in document sent to Registrar, when new courses were approved

 - M/S/P, to revise parenthetical direction to "minimum of two courses required, from different departments"; voice vote, unanimous


Continuing work of SLO revisions:

 - discussion of revised document, with trimming, combining, & tinkering

 - further-revised document forthcoming, with directions included (for instructors using SLO for assessment) to indicate re-ordering & combining done by GEC


Meeting adjourned at 2:50pm


Notes compiled by T Pribek