Minutes of the Faculty Senate General Education Committee

15 Sept. 2008

325 Main Hall


Meeting Convened at 3:30pm


Members Attending: Current, Fields, Galbraith (convenor), Tom Gendreau, Kahl, Kraemer, Pribek, Prucha, Ragan, Sloan


Guests & Consultants: Bakkum, Burkhardt, Clow, Dittman, Bob Hoar,

 Dick Sullivan


Food: chocolate cake w/chocolate frosting



M/S/P, to approve minutes of 5/15/08, voice vote, unanimous


M/S/P, to elect Galbraith chair, voice vote, unanimous

M/S/P, to elect Pribek secy, voice vote, unanimous



Announcements from chair

 - Pribek replaces Loh, who has resigned, for 2008-09 academic year

 - GE will be informed of dept.s not submitting assessment plans

 - CLA data submitted by Bill Cerbin: overview, "we rock"

 - reports on UWL 100 & Freshman Exp. in CST & HPR forthcoming

 - budget line for GE director supported by Vice Chancellor/Provost, as well as GEC's recommendation to FS

   to combine director w/chair

 - new Writing Emphasis co-ordinator will be re-forming a committee and liaison with GE



Discussion & follow-up to FS charge for GEC:


 - Bryan Kopp (Writing Emphasis) will attend later to discuss recommendation (f/Registrar) to make WIMP available to all majors; Provost is supporting making resource support permanent


 - suggested "moratorium" does not mean no more courses added to GE, rather no program charges till ass. data begins coming to GEC


 - can we have access to AHAC minutes & assessment instruments/reports? (Oct 1, deadline for submitting "tools"; next June, final data due)

 - "hopefully," we will get some data by beginning of Spring, but not automatically sent to us: "How much do you want to see?"



Requests for agenda setting:

 - invite Provost

 - GEC no longer has liaison (mutual member) with UCC; chair will offer personal cell #

 - create on-line form for students to submit requests for approving transfer credits in GE, or at least a set

   of instructions of things to do (in dept. & college) before coming to GEC

 - commitment to teaching CST 110 & HPR 105 (all sections) as incorporating Freshman Exp.

 - removing redundancy in SLOs, somewhat like the "salvage" University Core document (to act upon in future)



Meeting adjourned at 4:37pm

Notes compiled by Pribek