Minutes of the

Faculty Senate General Education Committee

29 Sept. 2008

325 Main Hall



Meeting convened at 3:33pm, Galbraith presiding


Members attending: Current, Fields, Galbraith, Gendreau, Kahl, Kraemer, Pribek, Prucha, Ragan, Sloan


Guests & Consultants: Bakkum, Dittman, Kathleen Enz Finken, Hoar, Kathy Keifer


Food: "pure evil" coffee cake & donuts



M/S/P, minutes of Sept. 15, as corrected (E. Kraemer attending), voice vote, unanimous



Conversation & Information, Provost/Vice Chancellor Enz Finken


 - UWL creating Center Advancement of Teaching & Learning (CATL)


  several existing "entities ... not connected" (e.g., technology, diversity, writing, & assessment) but

  assisting teaching, plus turnover & openings in several positions, "approximately 5-6



  try to "formalize and identify real needs of campus & inventory what we have, create a visible physical

  space, provide permanent funding, and spark collaboration"; will be faculty & staff positions, not



  lot of it is "on paper," so asking for feedback before making formal proposal: "the big proposal is that we

  bring together those who assist teaching & curriculum - who that is is under discussion; we'll be back then"


 - separate GE director & comm. chair "doesn't work": "no need for a dir. if this comm. can do its work ...

   There is money in the budget for a GE dir, but I'm not going to hire a GE director if we don't need one"


 - need to draft a job description for co-ordinator of WE/WIMP, in addition, develop logic (and publicize to

   faculty) need for paying chair of GEC and/or release time



Conversation & Information, Admissions Director, Keifer


 - time is now for a new GE video, needed by next June, 2009

 - provost will pay for it

 - GEC will review old video for freshman registration, then advise



Discussion of draft describing process of gaining waiver from GE requirement, possible addition to GE web page; no action taken



M/S/P, to change meeting time for Spring 2009 & reserve room, 1:10-3:10pm, various Mondays (as noted in agenda), voice vote, unanimous



Meeting adjourned at 5:10pm


Notes compiled by Pribek