International Education Committee

Minutes: Meeting of October 20, 2008


Members present: Deborah Buffton, Kay Dailey, Gary Gilmore, James Gray, John Greany, Jennifer Hastings, Curt Reithel,  Sheryl Ross (chair) Sonia Syafitri,  Wen Kuang Wei


Guests: Darlene Lake, Erik Kahl


Meeting called to order at 4 p.m.


1. The committee heard a presentation by Darlene Lake, associate professor of Modern Languages, and student Erik Kahl. Professor Lake sought approval for a proposal to conduct a service learning project in the town of Bunche, coastal Ecuador, in late May of 2009 or a later time; Mr. Kahl had already lived in Bunche as a teacher and is assisting with the project. Following this presentation, the committee approved the proposal contingent on a final version satisfying certain conditions: that the requisite letters of support be added; that a firm decision be made on when to proceed with the project in Ecuador; and that the proposal clarify procedures for evaluating outcomes. (Motion by Gilmore; seconded by Buffton; approved by unanimous voice vote.)


2. The committee brainstormed questions that its members may wish to pose during the November 17 meeting at 2319 Madison Street, concerning the proposed sale of the house (houses international scholars) by the university.


Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


James A. Gray