Minutes of the International Education Committee Meeting

December 8, 2008, 4-5:05pm, 307 Wimberly Hall



John Greany, Gary D. Gilmore, Jay Lokken, Jennie Hastings, Kay Dailey, Deborah Buffton, Rafique Ahmed, Curt Reithel, Eric Kraemer, Sheri Ross, Kuan-Wei Wen, James Gray, J. Heim (guest), S. Sullivan (guest), W. Van Roosenbeek (guest).


  1. Amity and International Scholars Houses.

-Discussion centered on reviewing the meeting that transpired at the two Madison Street houses on November 17th regarding next steps to be taken.  Overall, the meeting was viewed as positive, with a discussion about why the homes needed to be phased out, along with recommendations from the International Education Committee (IEC) about where to go from here.  Another concern was which entity (UW-La Crosse or the Wisconsin Department of Administration) would garner the income if the two houses were sold (this is being checked into).  The recommendations for next steps were encouraged by Bob Hetzel.  Bob’s perspective was that (1) continuing have a neighborhood residential facility for international purposes was reasonable, but (2) the current location does not “represent the best face of the University” (given the current condition of the two facilities), and they are at a distance from campus that does not maximize connectivity to campus resources.  Options for next steps were discussed, to include exploring site development in the “Goosetown” area of La Crosse (west of campus just to the west of the Health Science Center region).  Several questions emerged for the IEC to consider:

    • What is the IEC’s role?

·        What are your requirements?

·        What are your recommendations?


  1. International Study Proposal:  LGBTIQQAA.

-Offered by Sara Sullivan and Will Van Roosenbeek

-This proposal is in cooperation with CEA Global Campus

-Emphasis on the development of transnational skills, not French immersion

-Survey conducted regarding main barriers to studying abroad; 55 responses by December 5th

-Intended for 5 weeks during the Summer, 2009

-1 faculty salary potentially to be split among two individuals

-Apartment lodging with most meals supported by participants

-Up to 9 credits of coursework can be earned

-Marketing information will be sent to other LGBT centers in UW system

It was noted that biographies for each instructor were needed; question arose regarding Will’s teaching experience

Motion: G. Gilmore:  Accept with the addition of faculty biographies

Second:  K. Dailey

Unanimous approval


  1. International Studies Minor Revisions.

-IEC reviewed the 24 requested revisions based upon departmental coursework revisions

-Revisions were deemed by the IEC to be pro forma based on departmental revisions

Motion:  G. Gilmore:  Accept revisions

Second:  K. Dailey

Unanimous approval


  1. International Grant Funding.

-Current amount: $75,000, intended to be drawn from $50,000 from the Office of International Education (OIE) and $25,000 from the University.

-Reality:  Over the last three years, the University has not contributed the $25,000 per year; thus, OIE has paid the additional $75,000.

-Important to note that in terms of international student infusion, UW-La Crosse is the third largest in the UW-System (after UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee).

-Jay’s recommendation:  Increase the amount available to $100,000 to enable faculty grant requests to have a maximum of $3300.  Rationale:  With increasing expenses for international activity, this would be a positive in terms of encouraging more faculty to go abroad, and potentially impact faculty recruitment and retention overall.

-Additional revenue source could be from out-of-state tuition

Motion:  G. Gilmore: Recommend increasing the support for individual faculty international grants up to $3300, using a total available amount of $100,000.

Second:  D. Buffton

Unanimous approval


Meeting adjourned at 5:05pm


Respectfully submitted:  G.D. Gilmore