International Education Committee

Meeting Minutes for 9/5/08

3:15-4:05, Room 111 Wimberly Hall


Present: Deborah Buffton (History; Committee Convener); Jeff Steffen (Exercise and Sports Science); Gary Gilmore (Health Education and Health Promotion);Kuang-Wei Wen (Information Systems); Kay Dailey (English as a Second Language); Sheri Ross (Philosophy); Curt Reithel (Political Science); Rafique Ahmed (Geography/Earth Science); Jay Lokken (Office of International Education); Sandy Sieber (Office of International Education)


Absent: James Gray (English)


Committee was called to order by the convener.


After introductions, the committee received clarification from Jay and Sandy about the UW-System document regarding “Conduct of International Programs”.


The Committee has not yet received its charge from the Faculty Senate, but there are several proposals to be approved, including those by Scott Stine and Gary Gilmore.  The committee received copies of Gary’s and will receive Scott’s electronically and will consider them at the next meeting, Friday, Sept. 12, 3:15 in room 111 Wimberly Hall.


The committee elected Sheri Ross as chair.


Jay Lokken also reported on the on-going success of the International Program at UWL.  We have very large numbers of students studying abroad as well as international students here at UWL.  This will present some staffing challenges as the OIE deals with the larger numbers.


Respectfully submitted,

Deborah Buffton