UW-L Faculty Senate Library Committee Meeting

Meeting Minutes

11:00 a.m. – noon, Sep 16, 2008


In Attendance:  Paul Beck (Library), Barb Bennie (Mathematics), Matthew Foltz (Graduate

Student Representative), Lawrence Forkash (Educational Studies), Tim Gerber (elected Chairperson, Biology), Matthew Groshek (Student Representative), Donald Kuderer (Modern Languages), Stephen McDougal (Political Science / Public Administration), William Ross (Management), Shauna Sallmen (convenor, Physics).

Excused: Melissa Klotz (Student Representative), Sandra Koster (Chemistry)

Consultant:  Anita Evans (Murphy Library Director)


1.      Meeting called to order.


2.      The minutes of May 2, 2008 were reviewed.  M/S/P to approve the minutes (10– 0)


3.      Nomination / election of officers

  • Tim Gerber elected Chairperson
  • Secretary duties will rotate. Barb Bennie will be responsible for submission of minutes.
    • 9/16: S. Sallmen
    • 10/14: D. Kuderer
    • 11/18: B. Bennie
    • 12/9: S. McDougal

4.      Discussion of committee charges:

  • Continue discussions regarding budget and financial issues (see last year’s committee report) and provide recommendations to the Library, the Provost, and Joint Planning & Budget Committee.


5.      Review of last year’s activities (with input from Director):

  • Application to receive a portion of Differential Tuition funds. Was unsuccessful, in part because the library isn’t a perfect fit with the 4 initial categories. Also, matching funds are being discontinued, so less $ is available.
    • Update: Academic Initiatives are up for renewal. There may be a window of opportunity during this process.
    • Note: Student Senate is considering how to simplify Pepsi $ / Academic Initiatives
  • Reports presented to Faculty Senate & Student Senate provide a good overview of the financial crisis that looms.
    • Important to note that rates / availability of some library resources require UW-L to stay below 10,000 student FTEs. GQ&A is projected to bring us above that level. This is an important issue that needs high visibility on campus.
  • These reports resulted in resolutions passed by both senates:
    • campus initiative supporting additional local funding sources for library
    • system initiative that seeks new legislative funding for the 2009/11 biennium


6.      Homework: Read minutes, last year’s report, and Anita’s DIN e-mail.


7.      Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by Shauna Sallmen