Promotion, Tenure and Salary

Meeting Minutes


Date: Thursday, April 23, 2009

Place: 111 Wimberly Hall

Time: 4:00 PM


Present: Cashion, Cooper, Delgado, Krajewski, Koster, Achenreiner, Headington, Ritterling

Absent: Fater


1.      Approval of Minutes: January 29

M/S/P: Cooper/Headington


2.      Discussion/action on proposed procedure for distribution of Recruitment and Retention Funds

Clarify “CBO” -- should it be Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance?


 Move bullet 3 to 1 M/S/P Cooper/Koster

Motion to re-order the request needs (Move Bullet 3 to 1).  The new order should be:

1)      Proactive salary adjustment for a facult/IAS member who is below comparative market salaries, and is in a high demand discipline, or who is identified as critical to a department or college.

2)      Salary adjustment for a faculty/IAS member to match an offer from another institution.

3)      Proactive salary adjustment for a faculty/IAS member who has not yet received an offer but who is being actively sought by another institution to apply for a position and where the faculty member’s salary is below comparative market salaries.

4)      Adjustment to augment an existing salary line where the salary offered to recruit a faculty/IAS member is not competitive to higher an individual in a high-demand discipline.


Without further explanation or justification, the committee moves that bullet # 5 be struck. M/S/P Cooper/ Cashion


Bullet # 5: “A lump-sum summer stipend to help to retain faculty/IAS. The lump sum is paid out on a one-time basis.  The base allocation dollars remain available for use in retention/recruitment efforts during the next year.”


Motion to change the first paragraph of “The distribution methodology used” to:

Chairs of the academic departments will submit funding request to their respective Deans or Director. The Provost, with participation by the deans of UW-L’s three academic colleges (Business, Administration, Liberal Studies, and Science and Health) and the Director of Murphy Library in consultation with the CBO will determine the distribution of the Faculty Retention Funding.

M/S/P   Koster/Achenreiner



Slight word change under “The rationale and/or mission-critical nature of the decision.”

Should read : 

Does the faculty/IAS member play a critical in an academic program/department who would be very difficult to replace, perhaps as identified by an external academic program reviewer?


3.      Plan for presentation of PTS report to Faculty Senate at May. Cooper and Achenreiner will present.


Meeting adjourned at 5:03 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Enilda A. Delgado