Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

February 10, 2009



Members Present:  Ahmed, Berlin, Decker, E. Johnson, Kastantin, Rolfhus, Socha, Sullivan, Zheng

Consultants Present: Schumacher, Dittman, Walls

Guests: Crank


  1. Approval of  January 27, 2009 minutes


M/S/P to approve minutes


  1. Second readings: none


  1. First readings:


ENG   433   Introduction to Teaching Writing   3cr.,  New course, effective Fall 2009

Introduces students to histories, theories, and practices that will enable them to make effective choices as teachers of writing. Areas of study include a brief history of writing instruction in U.S. schools, including an overview of influential theories; the development and implementation of writing assignments; and theories and best practices for responding to student writing. Students engage these issues both as writers and as future teachers. This specific preparation to teach writing builds on students’ disciplinary knowledge and more general courses in education theory and practice. Prerequisite: English majors or minors must have 6 credits in 300-level English courses; senior status Offered Fall.


Course will be elective in writing minors, rhetoric major; English ed major requires ENG 334 OR 433


M/S/P to waive 2nd reading and approve proposal



  1. Old business: UCC charges: The committee decided not to engage in formal discussion about on-line courses since other committees have been given that charge. Committee did discuss hidden prerequisites. Consensus was that one size does not fit all when it comes to listing all requirements for a program in the catalog. It would be helpful for students to have an on-line tool to determine total credits for a program. Suggestion was made to have a demo of the PeopleSoft advisement report. Hidden prerequisites and extraneous requirements have an impact on the 40 credit extent of majors policy. Discussion will continue.


  1. New business: none       .


  Meeting adjourned: 4:35p.m.