Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

March 10, 2009


Members Present: Berlin, Kastantin, Rolfhus, Socha, Zheng

Consultants Present: Schumacher, Walls

Members absent: Ahmed (exc.), E. Johnson (exc.) Sullivan (exc.) Decker

Guests: Hench, Severson


  1. Approval of February 24, 2009 minutes


M/S/P to approve minutes


  1. Second readings:


MGT  408  The Global Responsibility of  Business  3cr.,  course revision – course description, prerequisites, title,  effective Summer 2009


MSP to approve proposal; committee was satisfied with the revised wording of the course objectives.


  1. First readings:


ACC 435/535  Government and Institutional Accountings  3 cr.,  course revision – change in prerequisites, effective Fall 2009.

ACC 322 or equivalent determined by department chair or instructor.


ACC 425/525  Advanced Managerial Accounting Problems  3 cr., course deletion, effective Fall 2009.


ACC 427/527  Advanced Accounting Information Systems  3 cr., course deletion, effective Fall 2009


ACC 440/540  Advanced Auditing  3 cr., course deletion, effective Fall 2009


ACC 445/545  Accounting Theory  3 cr., course deletion, effective Fall 2009


ACC 446/546  Accounting and Managerial Control for Non - Profit Organizations  3 cr., course deletion, effective Fall 2009


ACC 447/547  International Accounting  3 cr.,  course deletion, effective Fall 2009


MSP to waive 2nd reading and approve proposal


  1. New business:

At the March 31 meeting Sue Knudson and Chris Bakkum will demonstrate the

PeopleSoft advising report.


  1. Old business:

The committee discussed the Extent of Majors policy (40 credit limit). It was agreed by consensus that it will read as follows: No department may require more than 40 semester credits in one major unless it becomes necessary to do so in order to 1) meet external requirements for certification or accreditation as prescribed by an external agency or accrediting group or 2) approved by Undergraduate Curriculum Committee in exceptional cases.



 Meeting adjourned: 4:25p.m.