Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

March 31, 2009



Members Present: Berlin, Johnson, Kastantin, Rolfhus, Shervey, Socha, Sullivan,

Consultants Present: Schumacher, Dittman

Members absent: Zheng (exc.), Ahmed

Guests: Severson, Hoskins, Benson


1.       Approval of March 24, 2009 minutes


M/S/P to approve minutes


         New student member introduced: Ryan Shervey


2.        Second readings:


Women’s Studies Major – 33 total credits, effective Fall 2009


 (All colleges excluding teacher certification programs) -- 33 credits total; 24 credits must be 300-400 Level; courses may not count in more than one category. Admission to the major requires a grade of C or higher in the courses taken for the Introductory and Transnational categories. Students majoring in Women's Studies and another major must satisfy requirements for both majors; no more than six credits can count for the Women's Studies major and another major or minor.

Category 1 Introductory (3 credits):  WGS 100, 210, 230

Category 2 Transnational (3 credits):  WGS 215, 373, 410; HIS 360, 386    .

Category 3 Intimacy, Sexuality, and the Family (6 credits): WGS 270, 375; WGS/HIS 305, 376; CST 334, HED 472, PSY 305, 318; SOC 370

Category 4 Gender Stratification (6 credits)  WGS 230, 255, 259, 301, 320, 340, 370, 374, WGS/HIS 376, ANT 250, ARC/HIS 372, ECO 336, ENG 220, HED 412, POL 205, SOC 338

Category 5 Feminisms/Social Change (6 credits):  WGS 225, 370, 371, 373, 450; WGS/SOC 375, ENG 385, ENG 482, PHL 324, SAH 307

Category 6 Theory and practice (9 credits): WGS/HIS 315, WGS 390, 499


Department discussed and opposes requiring 2nd major; objection withdrawn.


M/S/P to approve proposal



WGS  215  Transnational Women’s Issues  3 cr.,  new course, effective Fall 2009

An introduction to women’s issues across nations, continents, and cultures. Students will examine women’s status and power, their cross-cultural differences, reproductive rights, paid and unpaid labor, participation in religion, politics, sexuality, their country’s stand on gender-based violence, the effects of globalization and gender equality movements on women. The course will also study how common issues create connection for women and how these common issues and gendered challenges provide the basis for transnational feminist movements. Prerequisite: none. Offered Fall.


WGS  225  Women and Leadership  3 cr.,  new course, effective Fall 2009

This course investigates women’s leadership and develops students’ leadership skills. Students will examine women’s under-representation in formal public positions of power while also evaluating the strengths women can and do bring to leadership, and the emerging possibilities for women’s’ leadership capacity in a rapidly changing world. Special attention will be paid to women’s changing roles in the workplace. Students will critically evaluate leadership models, especially as they pertain to gender, race, and class. Prerequisite: none. Offered alternate years.


WGS  373  Gender and Human Rights  3 cr.,  new course,  effective Fall 2009

This course will provide an overview of transnational women’s human rights movements in a variety of locations around the world. Included in this overview will be the study of women’s political participation as a human rights issue; women’s bodily integrity as a human right; violence against women and reproductive sexual health and rights; human rights as a framework for social and economic and gender justice; and human rights as (quasi) legal accountability; UN agreements, treaties and venues of redress. Prerequisites: WGS 100 or 210 or 215 or 230 or EFN 205 or ERS 100. Offered Fall odd-numbered years.


WGS/HIS 376  History of Childhood in the U.S.  3 cr., new course, effective Fall 2009

This course explores the vast diversity of children’s experiences in American history while also examining contemporary issues for children. The course explores historical  change in the socialization, experiences, economic, cultural, and social positions of children. It also examines change and continuity over time in our cultural ideals of childhood and children’s rights. Prerequisite: none. Offered Fall alternate years. (Cross-listed with HIS may only earn credit in one department.)


WGS received a letter of support from the Sociology department for this course.


WGS  390  Social Justice Research Methods  3 cr.,  new course, effective Fall 2009

Students will engage in the process of strategizing social justice research methods in a variety of settings such as (a workplace, neighborhood, campus, and beyond). Course activities organize around the processes behind social change: strategic analysis, organizing, action planning, and evaluation, developing students’ ability to create the knowledge necessary for complex problem-solving. Students learn and use the quantitative, qualitative, and critical research methods necessary to inform decisions at each step along a generalized pathway to change. Students going on to graduate school and students entering the workforce in a variety of fields like social work, community organizing, communication, and management will benefit from this course. Prerequisites: WGS 100, or 210, or 230, or EFN 205, or ERS 100; plus 9 additional credits in courses approved for WGSS. Offered annually.


WS  260  Women in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest  3 cr.,  course deletion, effective Fall 2009


Committee was satisfied with revisions made in original documents as reflected in these minutes.


M/S/P to approve proposal



3.       First readings: none


4.       Consent agenda:


EDS  310  Education in a Global Society  3 cr.,  course revision – prerequisites, effective Fall 2009

declared Education Major


EDS  408  Foundations of Literacy for Early Childhood—Middle Childhood and Middle Childhood— Early Adolescence  3 cr.,  course revision – prerequisites,  effective Fall 2009

            declared Education Major; passing PPST scores.


EDS  411  Curriculum and Pedagogy for Early Childhood—Middle Childhood or Middle Childhood—Early Adolescence   3 cr.,  course revision – prerequisites,  effective Fall 2009

declared Education Major; passing PPST scores.


EDS  419  Teaching and Integrated Technology I  2 cr.,  course revision –prerequisites, effective Fall 2009

sophomore standing; declared Education Major


EDS 420/520  Teaching with Integrated Technology II, 1 cr., course revision - prerequisites effective Fall 2009

Junior standing; admission to Teacher Education Program; EDS 319.


EFN 460/560  Transescent Education  3 cr.,  course revision – prerequisites, Fall  2009

Junior standing; admission to Teacher Education Program; EDS 402 or 405


M/S/P to approve consent agenda items



5.          Old business: The committee discussed progress on UCC charges. Chairman Rolfhus will write a report for committee’s review before submitting to Faculty Senate.

       UCC charges:

                      Charge 1—communication about UCC action being effective Fall 2009—completed/ongoing.

                      Charge 2—hidden prereqs— PeopleSoft may be able to address the issue- wait and see

                      Charge 3—common catalog format—not an issue; satisfied with format (see charge 2)

                      Charge 4—hyper-linking information within catalog—PeopleSoft will provide hyperlinks

                      Charge 5—40 credit major limit—addressed at March 10 UCC meeting

                     Charge 6—BA/BS proportions—College of Liberal Studies is working on guidelines for its   

                    college, which is college that offers most B. A.  degree options.



  6.     New business: none discussed



     Meeting adjourned: 4:42 p.m.