Draft notes of the November 12, 2009 meeting of the APC, organized by points of discussion.

Called to order at 8:55am by Chair Senger

Present: Yu, Sudhakaran, Czerwinski, Senger, Jesse, Seebach, Kastantin

Excused: Frye, Sinclair (both with recurring class conflicts)

Question 1

How should the re-review (sic) of existing programs be triggered when there is a shift to greater than 50% of content being delivered online rather than face-to-face

This review should be triggered by either Undergraduate Curriculum Committee activity or the required Academic Program Review.  The Faculty Senate Office should forward to the APC (for consideration) any proposals or programmatic reviews in which a program crosses the 50% threshold. (M/S/P)

Question 2

Guidelines for content of proposals as regards the online component.  Insert a new subheading ‘c’ under Item #3.  New Item #3 should say the following.

Proposals for new programs should discuss the use of online courses.  Where proposals build on existing programs, prior use and effectiveness of online offerings should be addressed. For these purposes, an online course is one where fewer than 50% of the contact hours are as face-to-face classroom activities. (M/S/P) Note: Interactive Distance Education is regarded as being “face-to-face”.

A similar statement should go into the guidelines governing credit-bearing certificate programs.

The document titled “Academic Priorities Committee… “ needs editing to accurately reflect our Committee title.  The title becomes: “Guidelines for Program Creation and Elimination” and the Committee is properly titled within the text. 

Directing comments regarding the purpose of the various documents need to be added to the Committee website.

Motion to insert language (M/S/P)

Motion directing the chair to change website language (M/S/P)

Minutes of last meeting are approved without change. (M/S/P)

Moved to adjourn, seconded. Adjourned at 9:32am.

Prepared by Bradley Seebach and submitted by Joseph Kastantin, secretary, who thanks Professor Seebach for attending to these minutes in my delayed arrival.