FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2010



Present: Grunwald, Knowles, Kopp, Longhurst, Rivera, Thoune, Tollefson, Toribio


Excused: Cloud, Cravins, Dickmeyer, Mortell, Nelson


Sandy called the meeting to order at 12:08 PM.


I.                    Minutes were approved from the February 26 meeting, 8-0-0.


II.                  Minutes were approved from the March 5 meeting, with two corrections: Rivera was excused and the date at the top should read March 5 and not February 26.  Motion passed, 8-0-0.


III.               Sherwin Toribio and Bryan Kopp presented the PT program’s 10-year review.  Because there is such an extensive review for the PT’s accreditation, the reviewers agreed that the program is in excellent shape.


Two concerns arose:  the PT program did not follow the self-study format  approved by Faculty Senate, so Sherwin and Bryan had to do a lot of reading to complete the self-study.  The consensus of the APR committee was to not require programs to do extensive revision, but to include a table of contents that would somehow help reviewers locate the requested information for the self-study.


The second concern was that there was no Dean’s letter, which is a requirement of the self-study review.  (Sandy did research this issue following the meeting, and the Dean had not written a letter, so one will be created soon).


IV.               Upcoming reviews were scheduled for the next meeting:

April 5:     Plan to approve Environmental Studies Report

                  Final Draft of Physical Therapy Report

                  First Draft of PETE Report



Meeting adjourned at 12:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Tollefson